Sometimes music spurs our life. No, all times. Music helps us in diverse ways. Music helps us with thinking. Being alone, being single, music assumes the role of one who provides needed comfort during the day and one who warms the bed at night.

Music is an all-rounder. You play it while cooking. You coo along while sitting to scrub some underwear and do you notice how you occasionally spew some lyrics while randomly doing an activity? It’s ever present even when there’s no need for it.

So last year during the pandemic, I stumbled on an Odunsi EP while scrolling through his Apple Music profile one midnight. Titled War, it turned out to be a joint collaborative album between two songwriting geniuses, Odunsi and Nonso Amadi. I was thrilled. I remember vividly, the time. 3am. When I began listening. 

The opening track, Ocean sounded like a meditative song. Supplemented with the twinkling, smooth melodies, both Odunsi and Nonso Amadi sing with their airy, gentle voices. They were not forcing anything. The words flowed naturally and with the way they talked about love, you want to experience it also. A sweet, error-free tale about the wonders of love. 

By the time “Don’t”, the next track came on; I had to replay the first verse to soak in this song properly. It sounded familiar but at the same time, there was a delightful twist to it. Odunsi led the torch, following the tone and tempo of this charming beat. He’s reflective, reminiscing on a past moment in the first line already. “Got my shirt on and she’s saying that she want me, I’ll never understand why she want me.” A tale about desire.

While “Stay” is quite a skip for me because it disrupts the calm, soothing feel we’ve enjoyed from the first two tracks, it’s just a showcase by both artists to display their versatility on beats other than RnB/Soul. They however do it with perfection, bringing their unruffled vibe on to the track. In the process, the theme of the project stays on as they plead with a love interest to stick close.

But you see the last track. War. Firstly the beat is some disruptive, hypnotic creation. I can’t get over it. The laid-back drums coupled with when Nonso’s slow and very expressive entry makes this a compelling track. It is here you understand the EP’s title. The unwanted internal wrangling that happens in relationships we mostly don’t talk about. The hurtful words we peddle out of anger. The doubtful feelings. All is communicated here.

It’s been a year that I discovered this project and it sits there as one of the perfectly crafted Nigerian projects I’ve listened to. The duo took their time, siphoning story bits and encounters from their personal lives to pour on this EP. Sometimes, we get this vibe of “this person isn’t for me, I’m not supposed to be here, does he love me”, which is the inspiration for the second track, Don’t. 

Both Odunsi and Nonso Amadi brought their A-game on this. Songwriting is at its best, settling well on the pleasing production. It’s like they both share the same headspace, unfurling one emotional tale after the other.

I’ll recommend this EP on days when you feel lonely and times you’re on a lengthy road trip. If you find this EP exciting, do let me know your opinions on it by dropping your thoughts in the comments section below.

This article was written by Olabode Otolorinconnect on Instagram with him here

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