Those who told us to follow our hearts were not lying. Meet Tolazee, a first-class graduate in Food Science and Technology from the Federal University of Technology Akure who veered into music but not as we know it conventionally.

TM: Let’s meet you.

TOLAZEE: My name is Akintola Tolase Oladayo. I am a graduate of Federal University of Technology Akure, (FUTA) and I am the first of my family.

TM: You had a first-class in food science and technology, so why music and why the sax in particular?

TOLAZEE: Music has always been my passion since I was a little boy. I think I can say Music chose me. I actually started the music journey as a drummer boy in my home church but as time went on, I discovered that I had this yearning to play with notes and melodies.

TM: So when exactly did you decide to pursue this as a career?

TOLAZEE: 7 years ago.

TM: And how has the journey been ever since?

TOLAZEE: It has been cool, challenging, and eye opening.

TM: How were you able to make yourself into a brand?

TOLAZEE: First, I made sure what I had to offer was of high quality and standard. I spent quality time rehearsing and getting the grip of my instrument. Once the product was good enough for the market, I packaged the product with a target audience in mind. I volunteered to play at events and functions that had my target audience in attendance.

TM: Describe your target audience.

TOLAZEE: Well, Captains of industries, high net worth individuals and important personalities; also event planners and show producers.

TM: What has been your highest and lowest point since you started playing?

TOLAZEE: My highest point was when one of the 10 richest men in Nigeria asked for my business card and my lowest point was when I was starting out. It was a little difficult breaking in but that is getting better day by day.

TM: Is there competition in this niche of music?

TOLAZEE: No. We are all friends with our unique sounds and strengths.

TM: So what is your range of prices?

TOLAZEE: (Smiles) Prospective clients can get that when they contact me.

TM: How can prospective clients reach you?

TOLAZEE: Via mail:; Instagram: @tolazee; Twitter @tolazee03


Culled from Issue 15

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