It’s cuffing season, which means many people are getting engaged and others are getting married. As “aww” worthy as the numerous engagement and wedding videos and pictures may be, most can agree that it subconsciously adds undue pressure on the rest of us single folk and those who are still in relationships without a ring in sight. Suddenly you feel an extra longing to be loved, wanted and cherished by someone. You also want the happy ending badly and want to be the one who posts couple goals pictures and have others drop “God when” comments for a change.

It doesn’t help that every time you go on Instagram, you’re greeted by a barrage of wedding rings in different shapes and sizes! It feels like all the wedding ring jewellers heard that you are ringless and decided to taunt you 🙄. And because it feels like you’re seriously missing out, you’re determined to make sense of a bad situation because you’d rather have someone than be alone.

Let me break down the last sentence above, so you’re dating someone or in a relationship, but you’ve been unsure what the relationship is or what you mean to the person. You have doubts and need clarity from your “partner” to know where you stand or where you both stand. Maybe you were even about to ask the dreaded “what are we?” question, but because of the season we’re in, you’re reconsidering and want to go with the flow. After all, half bread is better than groundnut, right? It’s better to have someone than no one at all, especially as following the yuletide season is valentine, and no one wants to be single for valentine.

Hunny, I know exactly how you feel; in fact, I’m going through it right now. But I’m sure you’ve heard this several times, “If you have to wonder about your place in someone’s life, you have no place in their life”. You should be confident in how someone makes you feel through their words and actions. Why do you think Davido sang assurance? It’s because it’s essential to have that in every relationship; otherwise, you’re just in it alone. If you have to rely on assumptions or makeup excuses for their behaviour, then it’s most likely that the relationship you’re in it’s not the one for you.

Most of the time, our instincts are usually correct, but we let our feelings get the better of us. It’s a terrible mistake to rely on assumptions because you have only yourself to blame at the end of the day. Why drag out a relationship that should have been cut short in its prime? Why punish yourself for longer because you’re trying to hold onto fantasies that only exist on your part?

It’s time to face the music and ask difficult questions. There’s no point holding onto what does not exist; it’s best to let it go quickly so that a better one can find its way to you. I know no one wants to be alone on the holidays, but it’s better to be alone than spend a second more in a relationship that leaves you with questions! stop stressing your pretty head about them and have fun this season. it may seem like one of the worst times to be single, but it’s actually one of the best times because you get to go out and meet new people, and maybe you could meet future bae; but only if you’re single, becase no one likes messy or extra baggage.


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