Few months back, I spoke with some members of the two biggest fanbases in Nigerian music—30BG and Wizkid FC. The conversation was straight. Why was there strife and needless backlash these fans spew at each other everyday.

It’s a common sight on Twitter these days seeing a tweet laid out this way: The first half is dedicated to praising Wizkid then the last part of the tweet bemoans the failure of Davido in the same aspect Wizkid was praised. Asides from that, fans go as far as including family members of these artists in their pointless war. When I asked what fuels this exchange, top members pointed accusing fingers at the other fancamp for starting the “war,” same thing the other fanbase did. Also, the recent no-show of love between Wizkid and Davido and how “Davido’s crew constantly shades Wizkid” is a contributing factor to this showcase of hate.

Not only Wizkid and Davido alone. 

While it’s certain the daily transaction of hate between Wizkid FC and 30BG could have emanated because of the cold relationship that exists between the two artists, slowly we’re seeing fans exhibit more of that towards new school artists.

It’s becoming weird for music listeners not to like two similar young artists at the same time. You’re either team Fireboy or team Rema. You can’t be the two. You tweet glowing praise of Fireboy, you could get responses that “Rema is better,” or “Fireboy is wack.” 

We saw that also spring up when Ayra Starr debuted her EP. With many claiming her sonic range bore similarities to the sultry pop nature of Tems, she enjoyed positive reception as much as being labeled a copycat.

While it’s in the jurisdiction of a music listener to listen and pass a remark, continuous negative remarks and criticisms of an artist’s craft—especially when the aim of the artist is to satisfy the audience—isn’t constructive but comes from a hateful place.

Some months ago, when the Grammys awards nominations were announced, fans of Yemi Alade were peddling an image jokingly claiming the Grammys had rejected Tiwa Savage’s Celia submission. It’s a tweet that has gone around and gathered a few thousands tweets but if this was to be said about Yemi Alade’s recent album, the TL would be awash of the fact that music enthusiasts don’t give Yemi Alade her props.

It’s obvious artists’ stans are the ones behind this. Social media influencers have also aggravated this needless comparisons. Polls, versus and questions in the similitude of “Burna Boy vs Wizkid, who’s better” are known to generate enormous engagement and cause some ruckus between the fans. But that’s the expected aim from the start. Make fans argue with each other and peddle unsavory remarks about the artists.

Is there anyway out of this?

As a Davido fan, Tife Fabunmi pointed: “You know, there are situations in which the two artists are being compared and then one or two of the artists will come out probably to caution their fans. Just like how Mayorkun corrected a fan who compared him and Olamide. If either of Wizkid or Davido has been doing that, people will know that the issue is the fans. It’s like both artists are even cool with it,” Tife says.

This article was written by Olabode Otolorinconnect on Instagram with him here

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