I once read an essay titled: ‘What hashish did to Walter Benjamin.’ I am also familiar with Aldous Huxley’s Doors of perception. As a science enthusiast, I know much about what DMT and LSD does to the brain, the chemicals they contain, how they infiltrate neural pathways.

I have seen many youths, youths who suddenly changed, became troublesome, they suddenly were on everyone’s tongue, people started viewing them with suspicion, trace it back and you can see how drugs and their friends were the common denominators. Taking Mkpuru mmiri is truly a journey of no return, ninety-nine percent of those who indulge in taking Mkpuru mmiri were firstly, marijuana takers and they did have friends who had further moved up to taking Meth, at least they were in the company of those who knew where it was sold, in the company of more hardcore drug users.

It’s obvious that before one starts taking drugs, friends are the first contact, it is always friends and nothing else. I have seen first-hand what Meth does to an individual, it preys on ones cognitive weakness, acts overtime depending on each person’s inner strength, it extinguishes appetite, kills sleep, makes one feel like he has been supplied with an extra energy, it is the perfect pod for escapism among youths. It adversely affects the body, can make one psychotic, make one mistake stupidity for confidence, can make one friendless, bitter, confused, arrogant, truly incapable of loving another human being, it takes over, it’s pull is alluring. 

Most times, the first time one takes Mkpuru mmiri, it starts with an outstretched arm, an outstretched arm of a close friend telling you to try it, a friend acting as a cushion as the fear you have for Mkpuru mmiri dissolves, the fear that have built up in your mind for a long time about it, you convince yourself that you’ve seen your friends take five, six wraps and they turned out ok, you convince yourself that it will be a one time thing, that after all, no harm can be done, but once it has entered your system, it gradually takes up a chunk of your budget, your daily activities. Truly, there is no need for Mkpuru mmiri, DMT, LSD and the wrong company, Mkpuru mmiri and the wrong company go hand in hand.

This article was written bChris Agim; connect with him on Instagram via here 

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