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2010 to 2020 makes this New Year a decade worthy of being talked about. This is a new year with a difference indeed, as one is, not just bound to assess oneself over the last one year, but as well as the last ten years. Yes, ten years is a good run in the track road of life to stop and take stock of one’s achievements and journeys so far, through sober reflections. 

New Years are times for most people to make resolutions, new resolutions, but time and events have shown that not many people get to keep their resolutions; some do not even cross the first month of the New Year before they get carried away and lose sight of the things they outlined to achieve. Hence we can infer that for most of us down here, especially those of us in the youthful moments of existence, New Year resolutions are but mere shenanigans mouthed to those who care to listen as a way of feeling among, as a way of joining the bandwagon.

 I recall January 2019 when I tried to go register with a gym house; I saw a multitude of people, especially ladies who also came to enroll. The crowd discouraged me and I made to turn back, but the trainer encouraged me to register but resume by February, according to him, “most of them who came with the rave of New Year resolutions must have gotten tired and fallen out for the serious ones to continue by then.” I took his advice, came back by February, lo, we were only ten under him, as against the more than fifty trainees who registered during the New Year.

Yet I am privy to many youths who make resolutions and keep it to the least of their resolves. I saw people travel out last year after saving for it for years, I saw friends buy new cars after vowing to do so, friends started new companies and so on, all as a result of New Year resolutions, and so the story is not that bad per se. 

In this New Year, in this fresh decade, I want to challenge us to pause, breathe and ponder over the things we’ve done and been doing the last decade. How much progress they have brought us; what lessons we have learnt; what new achievements we made; the roads we took and the roads not taken; how to align or realign ourselves to proper channels that would make the road clearer and newer strategies to reach our desired destinations. That’s what this new decade is all about.

Unless one has exhausted all his or her initial plans and now has need for new ones, if not, there is practically no need for new resolutions. One simply needs to go back to the drawing board and fashion out newer charts with the help of older landmarks. This is the year to reopen old dreams, to switch on the light of dead ambitions, to pick up fallen goals and return to track to keep running. This is the year of looking back because looking back is looking forward.

Do you have plans to buy a land? Build a house? Buy a car? Travel abroad? Start a new business or degree? Marry? Write a book? Start an NGO? Go to gym to shed some pounds? Quit smoking, etc? Now is the time to revisit those plans and design easier means to get them done. 

Let us not make New Year resolutions or take newer decisions without recourse to the earlier ones we didn’t achieve for what is worth doing is worth doing well and one dream is a link, a bridge to the other, so, one step at a time and gradually, by the time another decade shows up, we would be looking back with smiling faces. 

From all of us at Tush Magazine, we welcome all our esteemed readers and indeed all Nigerians and all people of good will to the new decade. Happy New Year to all of us! 

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike

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  • Sussan Opata says:

    Very well said. Thanks for this. We would only achieve new things in this new decade when we have strategized a different means to achieve our plans or goals.

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