Faith – Enugu (Day 3)

Hey! Long time no talk! I saw your letter the other day but I haven’t had the time to respond, considering the fact I spend the better parts of my day learning how to give hearty cheers to special guests. If you know you know. Asides from that, Enugu is treating me okay. I see you’re curious to know how my day went today at Awgu camp, Enugu state. Here you go. 

My alarm rang by 3am and I quickly got up to have my bath. Being the oldest orientation camp in the country, most of the facilities are unusable. So I had my bath in the courtyard of my hostel, it’s a common habit here. People bathe either in the courtyard or a disclosed hillside in front of the hostel. The bugle was blown by 4:30am so everyone gathered at the meditation ground for prayers, national anthem and meditation. By 6am it was time for the flag hoisting. The flag is hoisted to the tune of the bugle being blown. While the bugle was being blown, the bugler started struggling a bit so the tune started to sound funny. Naturally we all reacted by laughing and making side comments. For some reason that flag hoisting is a really big deal so the soldiers got angry and commanded everyone to sit on the floor for few minutes. 

We left the orientation compound to the parade ground around past 6 and it was a six minute jog there so we got there around 6:15am. From then to about 8am we rehearsed for the swearing in parade and then we had our breakfast immediately after . 

Breakfast was followed by another rehearsal session from 10am till around 11am. Lunch was by 2pm and then another round of parade rehearsals by 4pm. The rehearsals were fun and actually interesting. When we make mistakes the soldiers call us otondo or white fowl (I guess because we wear all white?? I still don’t understand that insult). As the Parade Commander for the flag bearers, my work on that day is tasking, hence stressful rehearsals with the flag bearers and floor members of the parade.

After the parade rehearsals I went to the multi purpose hall for a platoon meeting and after that went to meet a couple of my friends friends from uni. We all went for dinner together and had a good time gisting and catching up. We departed from the mami market after hearty laughs and decent food and all went to our rooms afer. 

Yours sincerely, 

Faith from Enugu

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