You probably just turned 20, or perhaps, you’re even 19, who still has a couple of months to go before turning 20. You’re confused and nervous, with no idea of what to expect from the big 20. 

Chill. Take a deep breath. Give yourself that medal. You just completed two decades on earth. Whatever happened during those two decades, you’re still here. It’s not every day you turn 20.

Explore and find your niche. Try out new things. Read new books. Check out new songs. Ask questions. It’s a great time to find your edge if you haven’t. In a world that is constantly changing, what are the universal standards you align with? I know you’re a Chelsea fan, a Wizkid Stan, okay. What else defines you? Are you a feminist? How do you deal with failure? What’s your mantra? What skills do you have? Work your ass off. Create your identity. Live outside your comfort zone.

Save. Thankfully, there are digital apps that encourage a healthy saving habit. Apps like PiggyVest and Cowrywise enable you to save for short and long term goals. They also suggest healthy investments that you can commit to. Their periodic withdrawal dates help to instill discipline, as you save.

Develop a relationship with yourself and with others. In your teenage years, you’ve built a pretty big circle. Great. You should, however, consider building your close circle. Understand that you’re still figuring out a lot of things about yourself. Build your network. Be certain of what you want in yourself and what you want in people. Build a relationship with yourself.

Invest in your health. Take that overdue visit to the hospital and get a comprehensive examination. Find out what your genotype and blood group are. Whether or not you’re sexually active, check your HIV status regularly. Know your family’s health history, and take necessary health precautions.
Take care of your mental health. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed in this social media age. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, you can tell when Tobi gets her new car. You can tell when Ngozi, your seatmate in school, is on honeymoon in Dubai, and you’re here doing follow for follow under NCDC tweet. Your camera is not even good enough to take a perfect picture, not to talk about any video challenge. Even when your camera is good, there’s no boo or bae to take video with. How do you get a grip on your mental health when it’s like the world is falling on your head? Calm down. Run your race. Celebrate your little wins. Post your follow for follow if having a large follower base is what’s going to make you happy.

Finally, you’re human. Allow yourself to be human. In a world that constantly pressures us into perfection; you need to constantly remind yourself that you’re human.

This article was written by Miracle Oluchi; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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