In a few more days, Cinemas doors around the country will be flung open and movie lovers of all cadre and kind will be expected to make a beeline for the closest cinemas house to relive the experience of  consuming blockbuster movies on mega screens alongside loved ones.

As the euphoria around the welcome development of cinemas reopening takes centre stage, discerning stakeholders are beginning to analyze what to expect when the cinemas lights come on once again.

Taking a strong cue from the reopening of churches, there are a few parallels to be drawn to help cinemas owners appreciate the challenges that they might likely face in getting people back into the dark, confined spaces of cinema halls, without a thought of anything else but their particular movie of choice. Churches, in a bid to get it right, had to go for the bare-boned basics so as to get a lean, functional audience. No extras like children church or the usual Pentecostal-tinted, flamboyant events; just the basics.

So here are a few things that cinemas owners should incorporate to help get people off their couches and into cinemas halls in record time.


One of the sure fire ways to get the bloods of movie enthusiasts boiling would be to put in front of them only premium content. A-rated movies are the way to go. No point waving any B or C rated content in the faces of these pandemic-scared generation. The fact is that if they must come out at all, risking everything to see a movie, it has to be really worth it. Hence, the ploy of dangling blockbuster content in their faces. Highly-publicized titles like Mulan, Da5 Blood and a few others, denied undeniable box office success by the scare of the pandemic should be blown up and displayed again. If this is done well, the people will show up.


Exclusivity would be something that high profile clients would be craving at this time. So, small private screening cubicles with the promise of privacy will attract more than a few personnel and because you can’t fit too many people into private movie units, it goes without saying that such experiences will attract an exclusive fee, adding to the bottom line.

A little PR about the exclusive viewing experience and cinema managers are well on their way to a hidden gold mine underneath all that loose dirt.


 Why not? No point trying to fit someone wearing a face shield into the regular 3D glasses and we can’t just drop the 3D experience totally as a result. So, the next best thing is to craft 3D face shields, complete with some kind of on and off feature, where you can add or not add the 3D shield.

 Genius, right?

I should probably get the idea patented.

There are probably a hundred more ideas to get people in the door, now that cinemas are re-opening. The plan is to keep reiterating the entire cinemas culture experience, because as the days go by and we are still battling a global pandemic, consumer preferences are slowly but surely shifting.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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