You don’t know who I am, you don’t know how I really feel, I am bleeding my heart on this paper, I’m an orphan who was raised by an uncle who everyday will threaten me with the story of how one day in the nearest future I will pay back his every dime. Do you know how much of nightmares I have thinking of how unsecured my future is?

Anyways I got an opportunity to study Medicine, 40k yearly for me was like 30 billion in an artiste’s account, any time my fees are sent I’ll have to buy 1,000 naira recharge card to call and thank my uncle. You’ll be surprised to see me kneeling as I make calls to my uncle who will always end by saying he is doing this so I’ll pay him back in the future.

Now some cabals are deciding to increase the fee, because they feel they need to generate some funds to train me well, hmm… In the confused Dr Elaine’s voice, what is happening to thousands of so-called sub-standard Doctors that were trained here under the era of 15k, or maybe that’s why mortality rates keep increasing in Nigeria, maybe that’s why our name will remain evergreen amongst nations with the highest mortality.

How do you expect me to pay the ridiculous amount you’re demanding? Am I to start sleeping with all the sugar daddies lecturers of which some of you are because I want to pay my fees? When did Medicine become an article of ostentation? You want me to pay more in a world where I still have to go out every morning to look for water and carry buckets of water on my cheap braids and attachments.

It’s funny that the people who destroyed the system are the ones that are enjoying, you built a geriatrics centre for them which is almost free, why not triple their fees, their generation? Embezzled the money and I can tell you most of their kids are abroad, why not generate money from them.

It’s so funny that irrelevant statements such as ‘drop out if you don’t have the money’ can be made by a seemingly sane person, who are you to tell me to drop out. The only thing that should be dropped on your head is a knock to reset the brain of whoever made that statement.

You cancelled our exams – power tussle, there’s no point showing you’re boss. It’s pretty obvious, but let me tell you something you’re a boss today, you could be driven in an ambulance bus tomorrow; would you be happy if I mistake your testes for your heart, How will you feel if I use anti-hypertensive to treat your malaria?

Therefore I say #Noto100k, it’s inhumane, it’s unfair, I’m a Nigerian and I have every right to quality education, my poverty won’t define my altitude in life, I’ve pledged to serve my country, I’ll do it with every last drop of my blood.



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