Have you ever watched a movie so bad you tell yourself you never want to see anything like this on screen ever again? For some reason in Nollywood, those exact movies are the movies that get numerous sequels and it makes me wonder why??? The best movies know they’re the best and they preserve it that way by not tampering with the story and universe they’ve created. It genuinely baffles me how the most annoyingly cringe and confusing movies keep getting follow up or could it all be a huge money laundering scheme? Who knows? Anyway here are a few Nollywood movies that did not deserve sequels at all. 


This definitely needs to be at the top of the list because this movie made me want to break my laptop. It’s understandable some people really enjoyed the film no doubt, but none of the people I have personally come across have said they enjoyed the movie, so it makes me wonder what gave them the ginger to produce a sequel.


Next up we have this movie. When I say I don’t understand the plot and point of the whole film, I’m not joking. I was pretty confused all through just trying to understand how it found its way to the cinemas. Till today I can’t exactly explain the plot to someone if they asked. To be fair though, let’s assume I’m the problem. Let’s assume it’s not a bad movie per say and I just didn’t pay enough attention. Let’s assume it’s actually a decent movie and i’m just a hater. Either way, it wasn’t a decent movie and it most definitely does not need a sequel. 


I don’t have too much to say about this movie, It’s just a comedy movie with no head or tail. Although it didn’t need a sequel for any reason, I have to be honest I laughed many times while watching the sequel, Fate of Alakada. It’s not like the sequel is so great or anything, I guess I was just in a less critical mood while watching. I wasn’t really concerned with the logic behind the plot or the necessity of it all.

I sometimes forget filmmaking is strictly business for many people so profit making is the goal. That being said, I still don’t think one should over milk success and that’s the thing with some people. Sometimes just let it b, it was good while it lasted, don’t try to drag out the fame.

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