It is that night again, that night that heralds many long nights to come. This night gives a taste of the glamour ahead, the glory that beckons, the prize sought by many but to be claimed by only one. This anthem makes the blood boil and pushes men to heights you attain only once in your lifetime, and after that you look back and question if you indeed were the one.

It is on nights like this that men inscribe their names in the annals of history and imprint their names in the sands of time, to be remembered by generations unborn for the exploits they performed. Nights like this give the platform for men to transform themselves into immortals, with their names to be sung by babes for hundreds of years to come. Hundreds of millions all over the world watch with bated breaths for that exhilarating shout of triumph, of conquest, of victory over the opponent. On nights like this men forsake their wives and daughters, sons forsake their mothers and sisters for this ride requires no distraction and it is best experienced with other lovers of the round leather game.

Defeat is frowned upon and mediocrity is not tolerated here, limitations are forgotten while bars and pedestals are set higher and higher. On nights like this the boys are separated from the men and the men are then separated from the Legends. This is the playground of Champions, the meeting point of the Elite. Only the worthy and best are invited to dine at this table, the unworthy are cast down. It is on nights like this that Legends are born, minnows make a name for themselves and feats otherwise thought impossible are made possible.

For months we waited patiently for this night, it is now here and we join our voices with that of millions around the planet to welcome its return. Passion and emotions run high, bets are placed and lives are on the line, problems are cast aside, sorrows are forgotten and worries take the backseat for the meantime. On nights like this we are blessed with the company of the GOAT, and mere men have the chance to become the Greatest of All Time. On nights like this with hearts full of gratitude, we look up to the clear blue skies and thank the god of football for giving us the Uefa Champions League.


This article was written by Franklyn Uche; connect with him on IG here


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