Spiritual psychics in Nigeria are quite common, from the numerous churches, to prayer houses, shrines, etc. It’s great that we have people who can see beyond the physical, people who see more than what everyone else can see and not only see but decipher its meanings so clearly that little to zero room for disbelief is left. But it’s not easy to distinguish the real from the fake, and that has made a lot of people skeptical towards the subject, especially with the fake ones extorting money and a variety of items from people who have fallen victim to their deceit.

I understand the craving to find out what the future holds for us, the excitement that comes with knowing the unknown, that undeniably has a certain appeal. But one thing I do not understand is why most of these revelations involve a lot of negativity and death. Why does it usually involve our village people? Isn’t witchcraft also practiced in the cities?  Why is there something buried in my father’s house or from my mother’s side? Ancestral curses, wicked stepmothers/mothers-in-law, spiritual husbands/wives, wicked old woman/man, etc. I could go on and on about the numerous revelations that have been told and still being told, but a typical Nigerian must have come across one or two.

Who can say which are truths or lies? That seems like more of a personal decision, but I must ask, why do these issues not affect people when they move abroad? Does the connection break? Is it that adapting to a different culture makes all the evils go away? Maybe, maybe not. One can’t help but weigh the pros and cons of delving into the world of the unknown.  Is it worth it? What if we were in a society where seeking the unknown was unheard of or seen as completely bizarre, but I guess it’s a general thing among the humans to seek out the unknown. The quest for power over the unknown is after all an unending quest. 

Seeing the way these revelations bring lots of fears and doubts, there’s no wonder people keep going back for solutions, which involves receiving more revelations and it just keeps going round and round. But then as some would say, “Na who check scale dey add weight”.  

This article was written by Lynda Nnagboro; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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