This article is focused on the challenges faced by the Nigerian young people (18 to 35 years), and implementable solutions to address these challenges. 

In Africa, Nigeria is recognized as the role model of the other 53 African countries, with its population currently at 201,585,657 in 2019, and the growing population of its young people which is above 50% of the entire population, these young people experience several economic and social challenges which have hindered their growth and progress when compared to their peers in developed nations. 

The Nigerian youths have the desire to succeed, and are globally acknowledged as ambitious, innovative, and hardworking. The key problems experienced by these youths in Nigeria are: inability to find quality mentorship, lack of value adding job opportunities, poor economic environment to excel, inability to secure finance with affordable interest rate for business purposes, lack of human capital development institutions where 21st century skills can be acquired, and others. 

To properly address these stated problems experienced by the Nigerian young people, the private sector, public sector, the government, and institutions, need to make plans for the next generations, make available quality investments for them, then implement those plans, as it is popularly said “theoritical plans without executive plans are almost worthless.” I personally recommend these 5 key solutions listed below, they are: 

  • Provide grants, and finance at a very low interest rate for business needs and the establishment of ventures.
  • Create entrepreneurship support programs, similar to ‘’Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP). 
  • Create institutions which provide quality mentorship & advisory service.
  • Create institutions for human capital development and the acquisition of the requisite 21st century skills. 
  • Build the Nigeria economy so it attracts domestic and foreign investment, which then creates job opportunities. 

In conclusion, for Nigeria to prosper, grow and develop there is need for investment in its young people. If these young people are adequately supported, and invested in, they can become national and global change makers, contributing to the general economic growth and development of Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

This article was written by Uchenna Patrick Ezeja; connect with him on instagram here

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