Rap music is one kind of music that directly expresses the thoughts of an artist. “Rap heads” as they call themselves usually identify with a rapper like they would with a brother or close friend. Real rap songs are expressive no matter who the artist is, a listener can identify with the lyrics; bass as rappers would prefer.

It is no argument that rap has evolved everywhere in the world today. The raw sounds of the 80s and 90s is surprisingly totally different from the sounds of today even early 2000s is almost unidentifiable with today’s sounds. Clearly the genre has evolved but our focus today is not on its evolution, at least not today. We would be focusing on the undocumented history of rappers who despite the low level of acceptance the genre had in Nigeria struggled to gain acceptance there by laying a solid foundation for today’s rappers to build on.

When young Nigerian’s talk about rap history they seem to know next to nothing on the subject, the works of veterans rappers who laid the foundation for today’s acceptance of rap music by the Nigerian music audience are almost forgotten. Rappers like the legendary Dr. Fresh, BB fame, Chop the bone, Bad Case. These names!  Most of us have never heard of. The more recent legends like, Six Foot Plus (I catch cold) he was part of Swatroots that also had Overdose and Terry tha Rapman. Yeah he is a legend in the industry most of us know him from (BANS) Boys Are Not Smiling. Another member is king lyricist himself Mode Nine (Mode 9). Rulr Clean is one name you should know about, when it concerns rap history in Nigeria. Ruff Rugged & Raw also played a huge part in the rap scene. We can’t end the post without mentioning Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila and Eddy Montana. One could say they were the most successful rapper group of their era but we all know how it is with rappers, they got disbanded although all three of them recorded big level of success in their solo careers.

Not forgetting Ill Bliss, most of us think of him as just another Igbo rapper, this man has been part of history and really held it down. This isn’t a historical piece on Nigerian rap music; it’s just a work that’s supposed to point you to the real legends of Nigerian rap music industry that get little or no recognition today.


This article was written by Paul Reuben; connect with him on IG here

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