When I was five years old, I watched a Nigerian movie titled EGG OF LIFE. It was quite the horror and I couldn’t sleep for days. I always thought about the spirits and feared that they lay under my bed, waiting to viciously drag me by the leg into their spirit-dead world. What a thought!

Fast forward to fifteen years later, a five year old child can almost sleep through the whole movie or watch the movie with boring and lazy sincerity. Why is that?, you may ask, and, What went wrong? The answers to the second question is actually that nothing went wrong, and the answer to the first question, why is that?,  is that times have changed, and the change is drastic.

Technology, and the trends that go with it has made adults and even children decipher what is real and what is shabilly fake. Even expert movie critics may find it difficult to determine the real and fake aspects of some foreign movies like THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE,  ANNABELLE CREATION, ORPHAN, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, to mention a few. These are just the horror genre of foreign movies. There are other aspects like comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, etc.

There are so many trends out there that I would like the Nigerian movie Industry to emulate from their foreign counterparts. It may be humbling at first to Her, but I am a hundred percent confident that she would pull through.

To begin with, I would love her to act movies based on novels written by Nigerian authors or even foreign authors. This would not only promote our culture, it would also sharpen the minds of children and youths intellectually, and make us more creative.

Also, I would love for her to partner or collaborate with her foreign counterparts like Hollywood, Bollywood, etc to act various kinds of movies. This is a great idea because She gets to benefit by making her actors act the way the world should view them and not by reciting scripts. Believe me, this might not be easy, but I would want Her to try it out. The benefits are stupendous.

Again, I have never watched a Nigerian cartoon. All Nigerians would nod their heads in agreement with me. I would still watch cartoons with my grandkids when I’m old and grey. Imagine Nigeria using various voice artists to put up a cartoon! That would be lovely! I believe we are blessed and innovative enough to challenge the world out there with our great ideas. I believe this can work.

It is time for the Nigerian movie Industry to wake up from her reverie. The world is moving to another technological dimension like the speed of light, pulling those that choose to follow in its wake and leaving the vast majority behind. Nollywood and those under Her must needs express interest to be pulled along. We haven’t given up hope on her.


This article was written by Chizoba Oriji; connect with her on IG here

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