Some say stars are born, others say stars are bred but whether it is one or the other does not dispute the fact that Nigerian born Jitey Peters is a star. Emerging 1st runner up in the Airtel Trace Music Star 2015, at just 22, she talks to Tush Magazine about her life and her music.

Speaking on her competition, she said, “it was amazing, especially the part where I had to leave the country to go represent Nigeria in Kenya”. “There were people from about 12 other countries present there, and I also got to see Akon” she continued, admitting that the experience boosted her confidence.

A 2012 graduate of Health science from the University of Benin, one would wonder what made Jitey Peters switch from health science to music. She however has this to say, “Actually, when I got into school, I wanted to study English and Literature but when I got the admission, my WAEC result had not been released because I wrote both WAEC and JAMB at the same time and so I had to use my GCE result and the only other available course I could get with it was Health Science and since I knew that I wasn’t going to use the certificate, I decided to go for it.”

Speaking on why she decided to build a career in music, she says, “I have been doing music since I was 6.” According to her, she just didn’t know what kind of music she wanted to pursue. “In my church, you had to be 18 to be allowed to join the choir but at 15, I was admitted into the choir, to show how good I was”. “I didn’t know what kind of music I wanted until I watched Timi Dakolo and Omawunmi at the West African Idols and so I just knew that I was going to participate in a competition to see how good I was“.

Her sound is evolving and she says that she would not like to box herself into a corner by picking a genre because according to her, she wants to show people that she is versatile and also be the kind of artiste who transcends all sounds.

When asked about her parents and how they are taking the fact that she decided to make a career of music, she said, “My dad knew I was singing since I was a child. My parents have been supportive“. But she also adds that though in recent times they haven’t been as much especially because she has had to represent herself to a certain brand. “Sometimes, you have to put yourself on the edge to put yourself out there and that may not be around the basis on which you were trained or brought up“. She also adds that she doesn’t want to be restricted.

Speaking about her brand, she says, “I am growing myself to become an international artiste and so my target is the world.” She also says that she wants her music to be from the world to Nigeria instead of Nigeria to the world.

When asked about her role models, Jitey Peters said “Everybody influences my sound. I don’t have one person I listen to as long as it is great music.” It would interest you to know that she intends to top the UK top-ten playlist. In the next five years, she would like to release an album, go on more tours. “If I start listing everything I would have done in five years, it would be a lot because I have a lot of plans“.


Culled from Issue 16

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