The youths of today are the supposed leaders of tomorrow. The youths are the young ones who are also seen as the partners of today. Their responsibilities to their country cannot be overly emphasized. They are those in whom hopes have been put on to better the society. A lot is expected of them but the question is: do they have what it takes to conquer and rule the world? They say charity begins at home but can a child who sees his parents give bribe, smoke, drink, womanize and commit other vices become a better person and also contribute to the betterment of the society? Parents ought to be the teacher and perfect example their kids look up to. They are their first teachers from which they learn right after birth before they start going to school. It is true there are those who had a bad upbringing and have made something meaningful out of their lives. But how many can boast of this? The societal standard is diminishing day by day.

Due to the failing standard of home training and also in learning institutions, the young ones have misplaced priorities. Everyone wants to make money either by hook or crook forgetting there is time for everything and that life is in stages. They miss classes, indulge in drugs, go into internet fraud which is the order of the day, they engage in cultism, vandalization of properties, sexual abuse, robbery and kidnapping, examination malpractice amongst others.

The youths are blessed with talent which can be put to good use to develop themselves. They can also learn how to use their talent to make money. They should have goals, write them down and work towards achieving them. Parents should have time for their children, discuss with them, advice them and be their best friend. Be the perfect examples to them! The young ones can take a cue from past leaders of the country like Nnamdi Azikiwe who did all he could to make sure Nigeria became independent. The government also cannot be left out in curbing the menace. They say; an idle mind is the devils workshop. They should establish scholarship schemes, skill acquisition to empower the youths, create job opportunities and reward diligent and deserving youths who have proved themselves. Healthy competitions should be organized for them. They should be taught about entrepreneurship. Teachers in all learning institution should be paid well and at when due to enable them do their job well. The youths also should be taught about self discovery and setting priorities right. Everything in life has a time. The era of social media has made things easy for people and its importance cannot be overly emphasized. Talents like creative writing, drawing, singing, acting, comedy skits, photography etc can be put to use and reach the desired audience thereby increasing visibility and zeal to do more. With the youths set on the right course, they will be the driving force of tomorrow.


This article was written by Luminaire Okeychukwu; connect with him on IG here



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