There’s only a few in this internet age that has effortlessly used it to their advantage even without being a TV star or Grammy award winning artist. Out of those few is the Iranian-Canadian model called Neda Yasee. With family battles and relationship struggles, Neda looked on the bright side and she is now amongst the most followed models on Instagram.

Neda’s move to Canada alongside was riddled with struggles of a young lady chasing her dream and being vocal against the archaic tradition of her kinsmen.

Chasing her dream, Neda said ‘I left YouTube because I was struggling emotionally and financially after breaking up with my boyfriend and I had to leave his apartment and start living by my own independently and taking on the burden of my university and living expenses alone with having no job, but I am planning to start doing makeup videos again on my Instagram page very soon because I love makeup and I love teaching and inspiring women and make them feel beautiful inside and out.’

One of her goals is to empower women and she was quoted saying ‘My goal is to empower women, inspire them to be comfortable with their body and femininity, and promote self-love and being independent (meaning not being dependent on men to manage their lives and be happy) (Showing them how to be happy and indecent as a girl alone in a foreign country with no need of having a man in your life)’

You can connect with Neda via her Instagram page here

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