If you categorize My Oasis as one of the most unlikely music collaborations of 2020, you wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

In the past few weeks, a number of armchair music critics have reeled off the tentative collaborations for Burna Boy’s upcoming ‘Twice as Tall’ album, but in spite of their enviable music insights and analytical prowess, none of them came close to adding an artist like Sam Smith to the imaginary list.

And we don’t blame them.

No one could have successfully predicted a music collaboration between the African giant and the undisputed king of emotional soul music.

And before you dismiss the track, ‘My Oasis’ as one of those collaborations where the African artiste in question spends weeks and countless resources to get the ‘international’ artiste to jump on the track and when they finally do, never publicly acknowledge the said track anywhere. 

This is different. The track is Sam Smith’s and that in itself is a layer of surprise because of all the hordes of artistes in Sam Smith’s range and pedigree, it is surprising that he would be interested in a Burna Boy collaboration.

 But here we are.

 Sam Smith is as excited as Burna Boy about this one. He has posted the track twice on instagram already with nearly a combined view of a million.

The award winning artists’ lyrics on ‘My Oasis’ ventures into a heartbreaking narrative that seamlessly incorporates a smooth blend of helpless devotion to another that is beautiful in its descriptive quality. The simplistic percussion accompaniment seems to have been detailed to help smoothen Burna Boy’s afrobeat-laced verse.

Burna Boy delivers an impressive metaphor of robust love lines, surprisingly matching Sam Smith, lyric for lyric without losing his recognizable afrobeat tint.

The song is 3 minute one second long; meeting the acceptable standard for today’s streaming preference. The only visible chink in an otherwise impregnable armour is Burna boy’s incoherent mumble at the end of the track. It does nothing for the track and should have been discouraged or cut.

And although we can’t exactly hear what Burna Boy says at the end, we suppose that if we could, it would be laced with pure lyrical gold.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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