I didn’t know that love could be swept by the wave of technology. But technology has changed everything. Technology has changed the way we earn and the way we relate. It’s mostly good. The change. But when I realized that the love of my life was at the other side of my phone, I wasn’t so sure how good this change was. I just wanted to see him. But with the phone came lots of rules. I don’t want to give my power away. I don’t want to appear desperate. My love would mostly not mind. But. I don’t know if things are the same. We broke up three years ago. I don’t know if there is another girl. I have tried endlessly to interpret his conversations, his replies and non-replies. I may be getting out of my mind. 

When he calls, it’s pretty amazing. But when he presses the end key, I go into this mirage of missing someone I was deeply in love with. He was afraid of commitment. I was certain of that. But that just makes things complicated because I would rather wait for him. No matter how long. It took a while for my feelings to get here. So, it was mostly my fault. Now, I miss him every single day but he is at the other side of the phone. Because of how deeply I feel about him and how I have realized that no other person could compare to him, I found out that true love transcends time. Perhaps, true love transcends the phone too. I hope we find each other again.

Technology has changed relationships. I remember the crushes from my teenage years that just died out because there was no way to keep in touch. It’s different today. I don’t know whether it is better or worse. All I know is that I have fallen deeply in love with someone at the other side of the phone and I do not know how to navigate this. I am the female in the equation and there are a lot of rules governing what we can or cannot do. 

Now, it’s difficult to get closure, to let crushes go or to forget loved ones because the phone puts them in our lives all the time. Sometimes, this is a good thing. Other times, it’s not. Love has been reduced to lots of emojis. We spend meaningless amounts of time trying to interpret these things that should have been mere drawings. For some of us, they spell trouble. Still, we hate it when no one sends them to us. Now that my love is at the other side of the phone, how do I keep him forever? How do I pass through his fear of commitment and make him mine? How do we ditch the distance between us and allow love unfold? Perhaps, technology still had the answer. Perhaps, I had to Google that.

This article was written by Prudence Onaah; connect with her on instagram here


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