Music is a universal language. Love is blind, genuine love supersedes all.’

Yes, some are of the above opinion. However, many will also agree to the fact that it is very much easier to be attracted to someone with the same music taste (i.e. talking about the genre, the performing artist or a particular song itself) than someone we are not connected to in terms of music taste.

Music speaks to the soul and at times there are words we want to say to our partners/people that can be conveyed efficiently through music but what happens when the partner is not interested in, conversant with or unable to interpret and decode the type of music that we so desire to convey these messages through?

Scenarios of when your favourite song comes on and you engage on your own ‘don’t forget the lyrics’ challenge, wishing your partner could join the rendezvous and sing along the lines with you while you both giggle and laugh aloud as either of you forgets a line or two while looking deep into each other eyes and connecting on a spiritual level.

A lot of people have associated music taste to depict the societal status of individuals. The local and less wealthier human beings listen to razz sounds while the educated and high class folks listen to the jazz, blues type of sounds while sipping a cup of fine wine and casually gisting about the economic policies of the current leader of the country or about when the payment for a particular contract would be wired into their account.

Can this assertion be really true?

Well, imagine going on a date with a beautiful light-skinned lady with over 10k followers on social media platforms, an amazing dress sense and a banging physique, only for someone to call her halfway through the date that she has been struggling to finish one cup of wine for over 30 minutes and then her ringtone goes ‘customer dada ni, dada ni‘  or any of those razz sounds, would your view of her personality and status be altered?

Your partner listens to majorly Nigerian music while you are more of the foreign music listener, Would the relationship be constrained? Do you consider the music taste of an individual stringent to a relationship or even friendship or a determinant factor of an individual societal status?


This article was written by Sam Synord; he tweets via: IAmSynord

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