There has been varying attempts to create the perfect pandemic song, a musical masterpiece that will cleverly embody the present crises and its many-sided expressions.

From John Legend’s home-based instalive ‘comfort songs’ to Jessie J’s high-energy remake of her hit song, ‘price tag’, artistes the world over have tried to craft the perfect interplay between inspiration and communication to suit the present mood of the world.

The fact that it had to be done by music maestro Cobhams is not altogether surprising; a certified music veteran and singer/songwriter extraordinary, Cobhams Asuquo’s eclectic discography has spanned many years and counting.

The release of his newest covid-inspired track ‘We Go Win’ adds to his amazing pedigree.

Birthed on the back of a crisis, the song is no less a Cobhams masterpiece as it employs all the essential tools of good song crafting.

The fact that it is delivered in Pidgin English doesn’t in anyway take away from its genius. The song, simply titled ‘We Go Win’ is different from a lot of Corona- inspired-tracks making the rounds, because it does many things at the same time.

‘We Go Win’ is first a ‘comfort song’, bolstering confidence across state lines like a General’s last charge to his troops before an attack.

“We are special, 

We are courageous, 

We are awesome human beings.

We dey super,

We get power,

We can conquer anything.”

But that isn’t all it does. It teaches too, cleverly addressing social distancing and preventive measures from a place of love and obligation rather than duty.

“No shaking hands with your neighbour,

Blow them a kiss from afar,

Use soap and water to wage war,

Let’s show this thing who we are.”

Then it infuses light-hearted humour, something Cobhams is rather good at, while charging the infected to be courageous rather than panic.

The major message remains:

“Wash your hands

Love each other

We go win.”

‘We Go Win’ is Cobhams’ gift to the world in a time of uncertainty and panic and although it seems to pale in significance to the millions of donations currently making the rounds by high net worth individuals, it sits in a distinct category by itself, because after this phase is long gone, it will be a reminder that together we fought a common enemy and we won.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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