It sickens me when I hear people tag and blame the government and lack of job opportunities on why the entertainment industry, especially music industry is oh-so crowded today.

But come on, let’s be realistic; which job doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your home unless you got interviews, appearances, shoots or recordings to attend to? I mean which job gives you the leverage to party all day and night with the finest and wildest girls out there? How many jobs out there actually offer you over N500, 000.00 for a sitting? Which job guarantees you an endorsement deal in the long run of your career? While your 9-5 mates are stuck in traffic after a long day at work, who gets to entertains them on the stereo?
These and many more are the reasons why over 50% of our youths today want to try out a career in music probably regardless of an actual talent in making music and yeah our artistes up there aren’t exactly making it less worse. They are putting out posts on Instagram, twitter, Facebook and snapchat (we can’t blame them) that psychologically frustrates and motivates emerging artistes on a daily basis.
While Davido is making these kids believe that money is the way forward (well, why not?), Wizkid kinda gives them the optimistic impression that singing about girls and the way they “whine and roll it” would get their songs on every body’s lips. Yemi Alade got the girls believing that if they sing about men’s incessant womanizing would get them far enough to be popular. M.I.. this amazing rapper made people “discover” their careers in rap music; I am a witness to the fact that majority of them are still stuck somewhere between giving up or just trying one more time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the artistes; I blame the psychological effect it’s having on us.
The list is endless and our youths are hypnotized with the notion that the life of a superstar is probably all that there is to success. They believe that the life of a professional party dog is the easy way out of reality. These and many are the reasons why we have endless strings of upcoming artistes who aren’t exactly “breaking” into the industry.
We just have a bunch of okay singers and rappers who do not exactly have budgets hence you see them begging producers, graphic designers, promoters and finally, begging their BBM and Whatsapp contacts to kindly listen and download their songs. How many times does the struggle actually surmount to a performance slot at the Industry Nite, talk less of a paid event??
The struggle out there isn’t easier I know, but it is way better than the money I’ve seen some artistes waste on production and promotion before falling out of sync. I imagine investing some of this money sometimes. In my 4-year experience as a media consultant and a publicity strategist, I have encountered people who wasted ill-gotten millions trying to be like Davido and his cohorts. Some of them also have it all figured out that if you collaborate with A-lists on your songs, you’re likely to blow. I know a lot that didn’t. Why? they lacked promotional and marketing strategies. Some of them couldn’t even lace good songs after paying hundreds of thousands for collaborations and top-notch productions.
I have patted the backs of many who finally confided in me about giving up and finding something much more feasible to try out. It is heart breaking. We know hundreds of artistes who showed up on our favorite blogs and we were totally digging them and asking them for Mixtapes, EPs or Albums and all of an inevitable sudden, they disappeared from the music scene. Many of whom we know have settled for being Twitter and Instagram celebrities today (Uhm hmm).
Unless probably given an opportunity by a record label who is also trying out, accompanied with a trashy contract most times to try out your luck, you really should save the money you have and invest it into something that may turn out to be very profiting or find a job then maybe you can consider hitting the studio. I’m a music lover, but I admire a youth who is an entrepreneur much more than my favorite rapper and singer. No lie.
Until you, your record label or managers are able to comfortably afford the demands of the industry, I’d advise you to just remain a fan of the industry, no hard feelings. The industry is spinning faster than it ever has, everybody’s demanding from you and very few people are actually helping you. Radio and TV rotations are no joke. Online publicity and social media brand publicity is becoming more and more expensive on a monthly basis. The industry is a whirlpool of swindlers, bluffers, and ballers who would hardly even believe in you.
Okpolor eye, no be open eye. Be wise, and above all, I wish you success in your musical careers!


Written by Joyce Imiegha – a seasoned media/music consultant.

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