Imagine a world without music, It would be bleak like pancakes without syrup.

It is not just a combination of different sounds, It is a gateway to the soul, a mood changer and an emotion box. Even the birds, trees and grasses make their own sounds, humming at every beautiful gathering of nature.

On a journey as tiring as weight loss, motivation and strength are provided by music. With phones strapped to their arms and headphones well placed on their heads, we see people lost in their own world.

Music is a necessity and has its values. It teaches empathy, sympathy, emotional connection, frees one from all immediate worries, connects minds and even bring enemies together. Music can both evoke and suppress emotions; this is especially true when one is in love or heartbroken. Yes! that palpable feeling that courses through the vein could make one drown or float.

Recently, there are claims that listening to a particular peaceful song for 15 minutes per day for three weeks can restart or awaken the positive side of your brain, suppressing the negative brain impulses and making it easier to harness the power of positivity and attract wealth.

Music is celebrated world over and messages passed across in lyrical notes. So many Nigerians are united by music, You can see a person acting all cool at a party but throwing away all the grace and refinement the instant his/her favourite sound blares. You lose yourself to the music and when you are done, all your awkwardness is vanished. Music has united divergent cultures, even warring tribes.

Classical music for instance can take one to the ‘seventh heaven’ and make one feel so connected to the spiritual realm such that you wear your heart on your sleeve and you experience great joy, your spirits are uplifted.

Contemporary sound also takes you to cloud nine, you forget all your sorrows and are infected with a high dose of laughter and happiness, you sing along in high notes that don’t exist and find yourself feeling sprightly for the rest of the day.

Dance music transports you out of your immediate environment such that you can’t contain your excitement and in that moment, you are a bad ass dancer, you find yourself dancing to all the beats.

Music is that go-to that offers you shelter anyday, anywhere, anytime. It is a house without walls but plenty of rooms.

Let the music feel you, let the music move you, let the music hold you.


This article was written by Lilian Ezike connect with her on IG here

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