Do you ever have those stretches of time (hours, days, weeks or even months) that the only language you understand is music? Whether you’re in emotional recession or utter euphoria. Or even days that are mundane and you feel absolutely nothing? 

I know I do.

On days like those where it seems like I’m teetering back and forth between my sanity and whatever turn my life is taking at that moment, music is the tightrope I balance on to keep me from taking a plunge into the abyss of distress. It’s the escape everyone needs. 

There’s literally music for everything. And the art of it is an even more beautiful thing to behold and explore. Most people listen to music to wobble their necks, tap their feet or shake their booty. Others, for the lyrical content. Then, there are those with elite eardrums, who tear it down, bit by bit to unravel every single element that makes up the masterpiece. 

We also have angels on earth that transcend these groups, who do a lot more than these- those that make the actual music. 

They are a different breed, a culture of people who harness wind and sound to produce an emotion-tugging consonance of sounds, melodies that conjure a plethora of feelings in the listener’s ear(s). 

I do not make music, sometimes I wish I did, or could. I am one of the privileged many who appreciate the art. I have cried, laughed, danced, awed and given a lot of goosebumps to show my unwavering love and dependence on the stuff. 

I am especially curious about music, but in a way that won’t kill me (I hope). It fascinates me, in a way that makes me revere those who create good, soul stimulating music and disregard, almost to the point of contempt, those who clearly have no idea what music should be and still go on ahead to create absolute ludicrousness. 

They say, “show me your playlist, and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are.” I laugh at the misconception because my playlist would take you on a tour of worlds past and present, bards and artistes dead or alive.  It is neither here nor there and as eclectic as the word implies( jazz, afro, blues, indie, opera, funk, soul, techno, hip-hop and so many more, down to the countryside). So, judging by this very curtailed list, who am I? Because I am trying to figure that out and my playlist is a representation of that. Good luck figuring me out! 

In fewer words, my favorite genre of music is ‘good music.’ And yes, there’s such a thing as bad music. 

I know there are people out there like me, who love the art and listen for their souls’ pleasure. To you I say, keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight. 

And to those who don’t, or who don’t care for music at all, well, accept my sympathies.

This article was written by Okoh Rachel Tobechukwu; connect with her on IG here 

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