Before one can exert the importance of music in the modern society, one has to acknowledge it’s value in the days of old. 

Music during the days of our forefathers served as a symbol of the human life. From songs produced or the rhythm of the instruments, one can tell one’s mood or countenance. This shows that music during the days of our forefathers was highly symbolic. 

Music was largely recognized in the past, which is why ‘Plato’ an Athenian philosopher, a man of great repute in science and philosophy, deemed it fit to appreciate the power of music in the human life. He said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

In our present day, the power of music cannot be under emphasized. Which is why this prestigious magazine ‘Tush magazine’ sees it as a necessity to always release ten songs to listen to for the week. 

It has also been scientifically proven that one of the indispensable reasons to listen to music while studying is because music helps improve intellectual performance. This proves that academically, music is still viewed as essential. 

In modern society, the renowned artiste by the name ‘Michael Jackson’ recognized how important music is. He said “To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?”

The question one should ask is if music has lost it’s value in our society today? Can one still say that music is still seen to be as important as it used to be? 

From my perspective, I’ll say that music hasn’t lost it’s importance. Rather it’s the passion in music that may have declined swiftly over the years. In the music industry today, artists who sing for the love of music are so itsy-bitsy. Most sing for monetary gain or for clout. Which is why songs with heartfelt lyrics are rare to find. 

An example of an artiste in Nigeria whose songs hold so much lyrical importance till date is ‘Fela Kuti.’ When his songs are being talked about, one would notice admiration shining in the person’s eye. Fela Kuti was and is still an icon today in the music industry. Artistes want to be like him, they want to act like him. He achieved such great feat because his passion for music was greater than money or fame. This is something everyone in the music industry should take note of today.

Like I previously mentioned, the importance of music cannot be under emphasized. Which is why I wish the lyrical world of music be revamped, so that music can once again give rhythm to the soul.

This article was written by Emmanuel Chika Eunice; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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