Some people find it very hard to believe when I tell them a healthy percentage of all the English I’ve learnt came from movies, most especially, cartoons. Hold the stink eye because you’re probably thinking that’s ridiculous, but it’s very true. We often overlook the importance of these cartoons, labeling them childish and immature. But the reality of the matter is that movies, books are a way out of our world. Movies give you the ability to exist in a life you never would have been able to, stretching your reach farther than your immediate locale.

I particularly remember my senior secondary school term for a singular reason. It seemed boring to me for a lot of the time. Most of the general knowledge that time had to offer me I’d already learnt in cartoons and movies. I yawned through most of the classes and although university did burst my bubble, thank God for that by the way. I was all set on most of what they were teaching. I hated math though, I still do.

Movies helped influence my mindset in more ways than one. We are often under the illusion that cartoons have nothing to teach us which is wrong. Imagine learning a word like ‘cornucopia’ from a children’s cartoon. It was put so casually that I felt stupid for not knowing it and I had to check it instantly. If I remember the cartoon correctly, it would be TITAN. Not the anime Titan, I think this was Disney.

Watching the entire series of the last air bender back to back so much that I became the producer. I knew all the scenes word for word and it wasn’t because I was bored. I picked up new things everytime I did. Okay, I was bored and we didn’t have a lot of discs at that time. Well, at least once I was interested in it but it served its purpose. I became a moxie enthusiast without even knowing it for the things I could pick from it. My phone was full with screenshots of words, references that I didn’t know and I was definitely going to check. Did I hear you say nerd? 

Although, I still am a very movie enthusiastic person, movies are not what they used to be. Everything is filmed to support a movement, an apology to something, a cause, a fight. While these may be right, it takes the focus away from the beauty of what movies used to represent. A world out of your world amongst other things.

If you’re looking to learn something, pick a book, see a movie, a cartoon. You would find knowledge in places you’ve forgotten to look, appreciating the mundane.

This article was written by Bernard Steven Ayodele; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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