Stories aren’t just an integral part of our lives, they influence our individual perspectives sometimes without us realizing it, and when told well, they even influence life changing decisions.

I used to be a movie person, staying awake all night and binging on series was the norm for me a long time ago, Merlin was my personal favorite however, something changed at some point. I wasn’t sure what I did and I’m still not but I started taking longer to finish a movie even as long as a year, I couldn’t even bring myself to start series. Then ‘A STAR IS BORN’ happened  and as cliché as it may sound, I was starstruck, it became a basis for arguments and the reason for some actions, perhaps I felt a deeper connection to the movie when compared to other people but I guess majority of people who has seen it will say this as well. It seems this movie would remain unbeatable in my list, almost unbeatable till I saw ‘V FOR VENDETTA’ a few weeks ago.

While ‘A STAR IS BORN’ stirred feelings of understanding, pity, and empathy, ‘V FOR VENDETTA’ changed my perspective on love entirely. You see, I’ve always been a moment person and this simply means I tend to be grateful for moments, knowing fully well that each moment can only be fondly remembered but it would never occur twice, so I learnt to appreciate the uniqueness of moments especially those that matter most to me. 

Although not consciously, I’ve always thought about love to be something that would and should last for the longest time with people who fit a certain description of your choosing and even when they do not, are easily reviewed to fit. However, ‘V FOR VENDETTA’ albeit being politically themed, portrayed love as a weapon to be utilized for the greater but not necessarily better good, love became the reason for actions we would normally question but the most beautiful thing about love according to ‘V FOR VENDETTA’  was appreciating it’s moments regardless of its relative duration. Love becomes a whole that is neither dependent on promises of happily ever after or wishes for future plans on inclusivity but rather, it focuses on two people from different worlds in all ramifications, appreciating the present for the chance to truly express their feelings, and understanding the need to be their true selves regardless of what the future holds. It may seem unconventional to think this, but ‘V FOR VENDETTA’ helped me realize that maybe, just maybe, love won’t always be dreams about tomorrow and plans ahead of our future. It can also be realizing, understanding and appreciating the fact that the present counts, and what we feel at certain moments is special even if uncertainty is a threat but most importantly, that love would always mean the sound of your heart beat during moments that matters most to you and that too is more than okay.

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