Have you ever watched a movie that was so captivating that after you were done with it you began to imagine yourself as one of the characters in the movie? Yes, right? We all have!

From inception, movies have not only been a source of visual entertainment but also a means of transcending from everyday life to a life of exciting possibilities.

Every aspect of movie making from creating a plot to finding the right filming locations to getting the right actors to play certain roles to sound effects and even directing all comes together for one purpose; to create a feeling of euphoria for viewers that can either be long-term or short-term.

Movies, like books, have the ability to evoke feelings in us in a way that is sometimes inexplicable. Movies make us laugh, cry, dream, empathize, cuss, scared and even paranoid without any form of physical contact.

Movies show and tell us that we can do the impossible like turn into an enhanced human through a bite from a spider or exchange roles with God for a day or swap bodies with the next person and the craziest part is that we believe it! We sit still for hours after watching these movies thinking of ways to achieve these extravagant ideas that have been put in our heads till reality hits us and we laugh at ourselves and go back to our less exciting lives but somewhere in our minds we hang on to the thread of hope that one day, we too would be able to zap spider webs out of our hands.

Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery and Thriller are examples of movie genres which shows that in the world of movies, every person’s preference is considered and there is something for everyone.

Movies cater to our eccentricities, desires, imaginations and expectations so much so that we sometimes find it quite painful when the exceptionally fascinating ones come to an end, but we are almost immediately comforted by the certainty of finding another fascinating movie and getting immersed, once again, in the world of make-believe.

Movies are like a free pass to a colorful, mind-boggling and time-defying otherworldly experience and from time immemorial, man has always grabbed this pass with both hands.

This article was written bBonojo Esther Boluwatife; connect with her on Instagram via here 

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