GENRE: Drama

RUNNING TIME: 109 Minutes

RATING: 5 Out Of 5

CAST: Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers, Martin Henderson, John Carroll Lynch, Queen Latifah


Set in middle-class Texas, Miracles From Heaven may at first come off as one of those medical diagnosis movies such as My Sister’s Keeper or The Fault In Our Stars where emotional twists and turns lead to the eventual death of the main character. It is ALMOST predictable. The movie sure has its dose of plot twists but the eventual turn out of events is most unanticipated.

The faith of a Christian family is put to test when the second of their 3 beautiful girls comes down with a rare ailment which defies all medical diagnosis. Jennifer Garner plays the part of a distraught mother (Christy Beam) to Anna Beam, the sick 10-year old (Kylie Rogers). She is torn and questions why a little girl should be plagued by unexplainable episodes. Even when she fights to keep her faith, the church becomes hostile and she finds herself at the mercy of Children Specialist, Dr. Nurko, played by Eugenio Derbez who is impossible to see without an appointment booked at least a year in advance! With the help of “angels in human form”, Christy is finally able to get Dr. Nurko to see her daughter but his hands are tied – Anna will NOT survive. As if all of that pain is not enough, Anna is involved in an accident which judging by human standard, is not supposed to survive but her Miracle From Heaven occurs, leaving everyone in a state of confusion, disbelief and joy.

The theme of love and family, hope and despair, faith and fear is well portrayed in this piece. In the face of on-going circumstances, Anna’s family stick together and make sacrifices for her so she does not feel alone in her situation. It would have been totally unrealistic if the family was portrayed as all perfect, with no flaws; they had major fights and fall outs, showing how Anna’s sickness was taking its tow on the family. But above all, love prevails, God intervenes and His intervention reaffirms He is Supreme, alive and working.

The actors in this movie could not have done it any better. It appeared everyone understood their role and brought the plot to life. Production of the movie was good as no element seemed to be lacking or out of place. Permit me to be a bit bias, but owing my Christian faith, I rated this movie 5 out of 5 because it is based on a true life story, was well translated to a movie and reaffirms that miracles are real and happen around us every day!


Reviewed by Winifred Ononikpo.

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