GENRE: Comedy

RUNNING TIME: 112 Minutes

CAST: Ice Cube, Regina Hall, Cedric the Entertainer, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Eve, Common, Anthony Anderson

RATING: 2 out of 5

With the rise and rise of gun violence in America and several pleas to put a halt to it, is making a movie about it the next best way to create awareness about its prevalence? Not so brilliant move owing this is a very belated sequel to Barbershop 2 released way back in 2004.

The movie uses a lot of conversational technique to highlight the evil of gun violence and gangsterism in the black neighborhood and the barbershop is deemed as a safe haven or non-violence zone where people can go interact on light-hearted matters with little or no fear of getting hurt as it is a strict no gun zone and even known carriers declare their weapon(s) on arrival. But what happens when you’re back on the streets?

As much as one can tell where the scriptwriters and producers were going with the idea for the movie, the concept of a ceasefire was not feasible because the issue at hand is gun violence not a war. If the “ceasefire” was eternal then yeah, maybe; but it lasted only 48 hours. Is that long enough a time to turn a violent person around for good? Heck I’m sure even perpetrators of gun violence go 48 hours on their own without having to shoot someone.

As a lover of comedy who purchased a movie ticket to go see Barbershop 3 without reading reviews just because I trusted I was going to get an overdose of black humor as in parts 1 and 2, this was an utter disappointment – no single scene made me laugh.

Kudos to the director on bringing together such a wow cast; so good you’d believe the movie is dope before/without seeing it. If America is truly committed to ending gun violence, they ought to put stricter laws in place and stop giving gun license/permit to every Tom, Dick and Harry that has the means to afford one. This issue has only been exploited by Ice Cube and friends to rake in millions of dollars.

Dear crew of Barbershop 3, I’m glad this movie has also been titled The Next Cut; something like The Last Cut would have infuriated me some more.  I’m a devout fan still earnestly anticipating real black humor so I suggest you guys go back to the drawing board and come up with Barbershop 4: The Final Trim.


Reviewed by Winifred Ononikpo

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