A movie to me means an escape from reality for a few hours, an excuse to zone out, a chance to forget about all the shitty things happening in my life even if it’s just for a little while. I picture myself as the heroine or hero, what it feels like to be them, to see the world through their eyes, to have their hopes and dreams be mine. A good movie is not just about having a great script, it’s also about having the perfect cast that the audience can relate to, a hero or heroine to connect and also sympathize with. I hate movies with sad endings the most, where a character dies and you just want to burst into tears, if you’ve watched the Fault In Our Stars, I’m sure you would understand.

There’s so many different genres of movies, we have romantic comedy, horror, tragedy, thriller, suspense, action, drama, science fiction, slice of life and so on. There’s always a movie for every mood, maybe that’s the reason I don’t have a favorite movie or genre. I just go with the flow, as the spirit directs you know, a good Yoruba movie today, an action movie tomorrow and a good Korean drama is always welcome. I’m not saying a movie is always going to make you feel good, but for me ninety percent of the time a good movie made me feel better. It’s always nice to take a break from the outside world, to get away from the noise, to just breathe for a little while, you can use a movie to do that.

Good movies are like magic, you know it’s not real but you still choose to believe it anyway, to fall in love with the characters that the writer has created, fictional or not and a bad movie is like tasting black coffee for the first time, the memory is always going to be unpleasant, if you’ve ever watched Blade Runner 2049, I’m sure you understand. So watch lots of movies when you can, and get lost in a world you know it’s not real, you have nothing to lose but a couple of hours and you might want to watch the trailer first, I still want to scrub the memory of Blade Runner 2049 from my brain.


This article was written by Olatunji Hauwa Nana; connect with her on IG here

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