As I type this, I’m making Desiigner’s “brrrrr-rah” sound in his hit single, Panda in my head because the rainy season is finally upon us. Nigeria, and Lagos in particular has been sooo hot for so long and the recent showers have been highly anticipated (by me in particular). The major and only downside to the rain if I must say is that the streets are not thoroughly tarred and there’s bound to be a muddy mess which can ruin clothes and shoes; especially if you have to take public transport to your destination. Well, not to worry; below are 4 tips that can help you get by and make the most of the season before the sun comes scorching again.

  1. Arm yourself with rubber footwear: exposing your suede or leather shoes to moisture can cause it to damage quickly. Luckily, a variety of fancy rubber footwear exists for you to make selection from. You won’t have to look any inch of ratchet while you’re out and about as they come in different colours and forms to fit into your desired look.



  1. Grab a cardigan: the sting of the cold weather can be a bit unpleasant and in severe cases, lead to a medical condition known as pneumonia. You don’t have to wear a cardigan in an orthodox manner or look like an old maid. You can accessorize with brooches and pep them up with court shoes or sneakers to give a casual-chic look as the case may be.


  1. Skirts over pants: if you are more into wearing pants, I’m sorry but you’ll have to ditch them momentarily. You don’t want to deal with having muddy splatter on the bottom/hem of your pants. In the mean time, skirts will have to suffice; or if at all you HAVE to rock pants, go for skinny legged against wide legged or simply go for culottes.


  1. Always carry an umbrella: thankfully, umbrellas now come in small sizes that can easily fit into handbags. A nice design or themed umbrella can add spice to your outfit and if you get caught unawares with showers, you can easily pull it out and stride on the streets till you catch your next means of transportation.


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