Music cannot be classified as a modern lifestyle. It has been from time immemorial. Our ancestors saw as a means of fast and vast educating means, which is persistent till today. Music energizes, educates, informs, and inspires, it depends on our choice and how we listen to them.

It is unarguable that teachers of, especially, kids classes intend to transform their classes into musical class for the students to decipher quickly and forever, it is very undisputable that anything heard or learned with a particular sound not only pleasures but sticks, forever.

However, some modern music lacks the substance of the aforementioned features of music. Especially among generally known hip hop music. It will rather be pleasing if rectifications could be made because many has gotten carried away with hilarious slangs being heard in them. Some are even dispositions on endeavors. For instance, ‘science students’, a music sang by a Nigerian hip hop singer ‘Olamide’ paints the science students of either secondary schools or tertiary institutions stinking colours, a kind of music like this should be totally exterminated.

There are music, there are modern music that posses the features mentioned. They are intriguing, fascinating and have substance of appetizing. ‘Pick Up‘ was a music sang by Adekunle Gold, one of the Nigerian modern musicians, the music is really interesting and full of prayers and hope. At times, when one listen to it, it would speak something to the mind that ‘yes, I can make it someday’ and other numerous ones that they don’t only fascinate but inspire.

On a final note, music mesmerizes in the sense that it possesses educating features. There are some parents who totally have the aparthy for music due to its negative effects. Some people got addicted to it that when they don’t listen to it they got bothered. And it is known that excess of everything ruins, when one doesn’t have essence but excess of something then the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ of it may not be sieved. Music is good when its excess is not taken and essences are sipped.


This article was written by Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi; connect with him on IG here


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