The bedroom was mixed with a scent of strawberries and the breathe of papers that was carefully locked in a briefcase. Miss Love moaned softly as her sugar daddy rolled over her to the other side of the bed and heaved a happy sigh as he gently caressed her smooth laps.

‘You are so sweet dear’ He said as he continued caressing her. Love rolled over on top him and kissed him.

‘So Chief, I hope I am expecting the money you promised me today and you know you also promised to buy me a new car.’

My Love, you do not have a problem. I am writing you a cheque immediately and I would send my boys to deliver the car first thing tomorrow morning.

Awww, how can you be so sweet. Thank you so much baby.’ Love kissed him again. Chief Lolade brought out his cheque book and issued her a cheque, She rolled out his pyjamas, held his dick and sucked it till he let a satisfied baby cry and fell into a loud-snoring deep sleep.


Miss Love looked at herself in the mirror again as she admired her long yellow fitted gown; A perfect compliment to her natural fair skin. She was booked for a motivational speech which she was to deliver to a set of young aspiring entrepreneur youths. It was an award event organized by the youths and she had been nominated as the ‘Entrepreneur Woman Of The Year’; she deserved the award as she had dedicated her life to motivating and empowering youths, donating millions of money to youths with great business ideas to start up a business. She had also started a campaign ‘The Girl Life Movement’ which was powered to motivating young girls to a better life of education and career choice; This was made to teach them to be independent and strong future women.

‘You look very beautiful Miss Love.’ her PA complimented.

Awwww, all thanks to you though. See how perfectly the gown fits’ She said as she wiggled her shoulders; making her breast move.’ They both laughed.

Here is a copy of the write-up you asked for. I have added so many quotes from great scholars. Add 5% to my salary if you get a standing ovation’ her PA joked.

Love collected the speech and quickly scanned through it. She smiled.’Why do I have you as a PA. Thank you.’

The event went very well. Love presented her deep motivational speech to the attendees. It was so perfectly crafted that there was a loud standing ovation when she finished. And of course she won the award. She signed so many autographs and took pictures with her loyal fans.


Love drove into a five star hotel. She had an appointment with a business mogul. He had a share in Real Properties World Estate and Love thought he was the right man to help fund her campaign. She had paid one of the social media PR’s to get his number and of course; She always knew the right words to say to get a ‘special appointment’. She was dressed in a tight fitted short red gown and had instructed her make-up artiste to add more shade plus glow on her face and since it was a night appointment, baring her cleavage was the right thing to do.

Hi. So nice to finally meet you in person. Mr Brandon’ She said

Same here.’

They were in a reserved and private spot which was well positioned for intimacy; and he had tactically not worn his ring.

Hmmmm. You have such good taste. I am wowed by your fine manliness.’ Miss Love said as she gently caressed his fingers that were resting on the table in an unconscious manner.

He smiled.

So, Lets talk business. I am sure you must have heard about my ‘Girl Life Movement’ on all the blogs online and offline too. Its my passion to help young creative girls to helping them grow to a better woman for the future.’ Love explained as she moved her hands to her cleavage.

That is a very beautiful idea and I am so proud of the woman you are becoming and the woman everyone wants to be like. You don’t have a problem Miss Love, I will give you 10% worth of my. . . . . . . . .  .

‘Say no more dear. Let’s go to the other side. I feel hot already.’ Love winked as she cuts him off.

The night was like any other night where two people benefited from each other. The only difference was that Love carted away with loaded money in the bank. Well, at least Mr Brandon enjoyed his dick being sucked, She thought!


Love was booked and busy. Her ‘Girl Life Movement’ was on top notch. Every blog carried it on their site and her loyal fans and commentators blew kisses, complimented her and made her their role models. Every young girl and youth wanted to be like her. She had donated 10 whooping millions to funding 10 girls through secondary education, donated 5 million to 3 aspiring fashion designers to start up their work, paid 10 youths school fees in university, opened a bore hole at her home town and to crown it all, she bought an estate as she dived into estate management and land properties. She was a successful business woman and one could imagine the billions of money she had in her account. She won the ‘Future Women Awards’, ‘Woman Of The Year’, ‘Youth Ambassador Of The Year’ and graced the covers of several magazines. Her fellow women who were also trying to live a ‘gram life’ were bashed after evidences surfaced online about how they sleep around with men for money and paid abroad trips.


Love was amused as she looked into her sugar daddy eyes.

Chief, Are you being serious? That I should marry you? That means I should become your second wife?’

Yes, whats wrong with that?

Love laughed out loud. ‘I will never be a second wife Chief. Never! If you really want me to marry you then you should divorce your wife. Period!’ she yelled.

Chief Lolade was shocked but he couldn’t bear losing Love ’pussy power.’

Two months later, Love wrote a beautiful epistle of what love really is? And how age was nothing but a number. She poured out her heart, mind and her soul to ‘Love’ in the interviews she granted as she walked down the aisle with Chief Lolade. The wedding was the most celebrated event of the year as people started ‘Living in the Trend’ with age is nothing but a number. Her adorable fans and well wishers blessed her marriage and wished her a happy married life. Anyone who was against the marriage was bashed by her loyal fans; they didn’t want to hear anything negative about their Queen. Blogs also did not dare post anything negative about her to avoid being sued and taken down. Her name was Miss Love and it was all Love. They celebrated their honeymoon in one of the most expensive island in Spain.

Love gave out more to the community even as a married woman and took her time to visit schools and community homes. She donated to the needy and started another campaign ‘You Need Movement’ which was geared to helping the needy and providing a better environment for them. Her husband gifted her a private jet on her birthday and marveled at how strong and committed she was. She donated almost one hundred million to the community on her birthday and the internet was set in sensation as she was celebrated all over. She got pregnant for Chief Lolade and gave birth to a boy. What more can One ask for?


It was a rainy day and Love was forced to stay in her hotel room.  She had divorced Chief Lolade on the grounds of ‘moral trust’; nobody knew what it meant. She had explained how your emotions and your self worth clashes making you choke and at the end of the day you realise you need your space. She was granted 40% of Chief Lolade’s entire properties and was the owner of his biggest digital company. She was still celebrated and her loyal fans increased as they agreed with her that it was better to be happy. She and Chief Lolade had agreed to joint custody of their son.

She was now engaged to this new Spaniard. He was the co-founder of one of the leading auto-mobile companies in town. Her engagement was celebrated as people called them ‘couple goals of the year’ as Love kept flaunting their relationship activities on social media. He gifted her the latest car in town which she flaunted. She became the first celebrity to acquire the most cherished whip everyone wanted because the cost of the car can feed an entire state. To celebrate it, she gave out 20 different gadgets (Phones, Laptops, etc) to her 20 most loyal followers and sent one million naira to the account of her celebrated follower of 3 years. She became the most celebrated celebrity and her fan page grew. Don’t you dare come near their Queen or talk dirty about her! She was an idol that was worshiped by both male and female and all classes of the society. Every woman wanted to be like her!


Her PA walked into the room;

I think I should break up with Luke and call off our engagement. There is just so much that is going through my head now. You have to go with your mind when its telling you not to go further again. I cant just do this anymore, it’s best I told Luke.’

Her PA sighed ‘I think you deserve to be happy’

She and Luke called off their engagement whilst she had previously made him sign 25% of his total worth. She donated 5% to the community that she was awarded ‘A Lifetime Legacy Award’ by Muse Life and graced the cover of BillBoard Life Magazine as the ‘Outstanding Personnel Of the Year.

Her achievements in life were so much that an hashtag campaign started on her behalf #LoveOkonForPresident [Miss Love Okon for President]

Wow! That wasn’t a bad idea she thought as she lay in the comfort of a customized bed with her new rich sugar daddy lover by her side.

Come here baby.’ Miss Love giggled.

This article was written by Sandra Okenwa; connect with her on IG here


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