Every well-oiled workforce machine has its share of millennials. Millennials (born since 1980) make up 24 percent of the entire world population ranging in age from their late 20s to early 30s, according to Nielsen research. With this generation of workers comes a unique set of needs, demands and challenges that must be met to keep your company running at its best.

The millennial generation isn’t as mysterious and puzzling as many business owners and managers have been lead to believe. If you want to attract and retain millennial talent, here aree three top things millennials look for from their next employer when settling on their next job or workplace:

1. Flexible schedules and benefits.

One out of every three millennial employees say a flexible work schedule is crucial to their satisfaction when working for a small business. That increased autonomy allows millennial employees to build their work around their lives.

Their desire for flexibility also extends to benefits. That’s where options such as Aflac’s voluntary insurance policies come in, which give employees the opportunity to have supplemental insurance that pays cash benefits. Millennials are looking for the best coverage without breaking their budget, which is why offering voluntary insurance is a great option for employers.

2. Seeing the fruits of their labor.

This generation of hyper-connected and socially networked young people is hardwired to look for instant gratification. According to surveyed employees, 21 percent said that seeing the fruits of their labor was an important factor that lead to their overall satisfaction at work.

In other words, seeing the results of their hard work and having it acknowledged goes a long way.

3. Millennials want their input to matter.

Also important for this ever-connected generation is the sense that their contributions are making a difference in your business. They want to take ownership over their work and feel like they’re part of a bigger goal or mission.

Make sure to communicate to your employees that their input doesn’t just matter—it’s crucial to the very success of your business.


Culled from Entrepreneur 

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