Hey TM Fam, Welcome to December! ‘Tis finally the season for jolly and premium enjoyment. I’m sure we all have plans to flex as much as possible and make the most of this season. I’m very much in support of all things Jayie, but I will be a bad friend if I don’t tell you to watch your spending. Remember how 2020 hit us like a wrecking ball? And most of us are still trying to recoup our finances.

Because of our inability to see into the future, we can’t tell what sort of baggage 2022 will bring, although we hope and pray for a smooth year, so it will be unwise to blow all of your savings in the name of enjoyment and have SAPA as your neighbour in January. As we all know, January is usually the longest month of the year because most people finish their December salary, making it seem like the month is taking so long to end because they’re broke.

So I’m here to give you tips on how to throw it down this season on a budget:

  • Go out in the company of your friends and share the cab fare. Thanks to Uber, you can split the cab fare with your friends. If you have a friend that has a car, get them to come out with you, so that way you can spend less on transport; but remember to be a good friend and chip in for fuel; it will still cost let than a cab fare.
  • If you ever have to head out alone, you can use UberX share; the price is a bit less, and who knows, you may end up sharing the ride with your future bae. 😉
  • Plan your schedule. There will be lots of events happening this season; some have already started. You don’t have to be at all of them; pick the ones that are a big deal to you, and you can afford them. Don’t let anyone drag you out, except they’re covering the bills. No last-minute flex… that’s the highway to being broke come January.
  • If you decide to throw a house party, ask your guest to come with drinks; that way, you only have to spend on snacks. Keep it simple; you don’t have to splurge on food and small chops. You can just do biteable snacks or small chops.
  • A games night is a good way to have a lot of fun. It’s simple to plan, and you can have it in your house. You don’t need to own all the games either, ask your friends to come with the games they’d like to play. You can also ask them to come along with chops and make it sort of a love feast.😉

As my people will say, problem truly no dey finish, so try to enjoy! Celebrate the fact that you made it to the last month of 2020… however, spend wisely my people.

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