I belong to a generation of people that like to refer to ourselves as “stuck in the middle”. You’re probably wondering, “Stuck in the middle of what?” let me explain. We are the generation born between 1992 – 1995; we’re are at the end of the Millennial spectrum just before the beginning of Gen Z, so we are literally stuck in the middle of both generations. We are boxed as millennials; but legit have one foot in the millennial door and the other in Gen Z.

We didn’t get to play outside with kids down the street like the late 80’s kids or watch television from a box; we grew up to meet VHS tapes and were probably the last to use them before they were replaced with CD players. We knew what life was like before the most recent technology advances, but we were too young to appreciate it. We used iPods, portable CD players and telephone homelines, before they morphed into a mobile phone. We got to use home PC’s, internet and were part of the first kids with email; we enjoyed yahoo and chatting on skype while they were still hot on the block… but not for long. We were the first set of kids to really enjoy Silverbird Televion when it launched because they used to show cartoons a lot. We experienced the entrance of Nokia into nigeria and were part of those who used the famous Nokia 3310!

We knew of the Jacksons, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Aaliyah, and other greats of the 80s/90s but were too young to understand their music or impact until later years. However, we danced to Sean Paul, rocked with T-pain, grooved to Justin Timberlake and Fell in love with Usher. We met the end of the Plantashum Boiz but rocked with MoHits all the way till the end. We knew 50 cent the musician, before 50 Cent the actor( that most Gen Z’s know), we also enjoyed all the hits of Westlife before they disbanded in 2012. We knew about 2go, before Facebook took over, and we enjoyed MTN’s midnight call more than most!

We share history with Gen Z as well, in terms of modern technology, social media, fashion and new school music, as we were early teenagers; when the Gen Z kids were approaching their teens. We can Tiktok, Snapchat, and understand most of the trending abbreviations “IYKYK”. We understand the Gen Z kids more than the earlier millennials. Most of us are getting close to 30 or just clocking it, which makes us seem a bit old to be Gen Z and a bit young to be millennials. Some of us are even parents to the newest generation alpha, so we have to stay on trend and learn about their needs.

We are the bridge between millennials and Gen Z and the pacemakers for Gen Alpha. If you belong to this middle-man generation, drop a comment and share your thoughts on this.

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