Gone are the days where men were only interested in razors and body creams. Grooming has historically been women’s domain. But, as social norms shift, Millennial and Gen Z males are breaking into this previously taboo terrain in ways their forefathers could never have dreamed. There has been a shift in male perspective towards grooming, where it is acceptable for men to spend money on grooming, promoting greater skincare health and an improvement in appearance.

The boom of social media has seen to it that not only do women have to look good, but men also have to be camera ready. When scrolling through Tiktok, you are sure to find videos of millennial and gen z men using face masks by themselves or with their significant others. You will also see videos of them using face steamers, sunscreen and other skincare products/gadgets. The rise of dating apps has also contributed to men paying more attention to their looks because they say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Millennial and Gen Z men have realized that good looks are great, but maintaining those good looks is more important. Like we mentioned in the previous article in this series (Millennial and Gen Z Lifestyle: Why a Good Night’s Sleep Is All You Need!), Millennials and Gen Z are more focused on securing the bag in their 20’s and 30’s. Because of this, the men have to find ways to prolong their youthful look for when they are ready to bag the girl of their dreams.

In this age of influencers, it is no longer a surprise to scroll through social media and see millennial and gen z men talking about skincare and sharing their skincare routines featuring their favourite skincare products. Celebrities turn influencers such as Timini Ebguson, Ex-Big Brother housemate Ozoemena Chukwu, Beauty Boy Enioluwa Adeoluwa, among others, are at the forefront of male grooming here in Nigeria. They encourage men to pay more attention to their skin and assure them that it’s okay to care more for their bodies.

Around the world, there are now skincare brands that cater to the needs of men. Even cosmetics and skincare brands that started just for women have in recent times launched skincare products for men. Men can now walk into beauty supply stores and purchase beauty and skincare products made just for them. You can now search online and find a list of the 30 best grooming brands for men in 2021. Although beauty and skincare brands in this part of the world have yet to tap into this new industry (due to our more traditionally set ways), there are still some brands that have recognized this shift in the male perspective regarding skincare and are using male influencers to reach out to the male demographic.

Our case study for today is Enioluwa Adeoluwa, popularly known as Eni. This Gen Z internet sensation came into the limelight thanks to his funny skits, which he would always end or start by applying lipgloss to his lips. This “Beauty Boy”, as he likes to be called, is pioneering skincare and beauty for men in his generation in Nigeria. Before becoming an Influencer for skincare brand Isi Naturals, Eni constantly talked about male grooming on his social media, which involved mani-pedis and skincare. He frequently shared his skincare routines and favourite skincare products, some of which include Cerave hydrating sunscreen, Beauty Formulas cucumber and avocado facial scrub, Nivea cleansing cream wash, Beauty Formulas tea tree deep cleansing facial mask, L’Avyanna illuminating face serum, Biotrade acne out, Tea Tree bacterial wash, Johnson’s face care even complexion night cream, etc. Eni even goes as far as using beauty products such as foundation, concealers and finishing sprays. He aims to redefine male masculinity!

Enioluwa’s focus and attention to his skincare are paying off as his skin is smooth and glowing. One look at his pictures and you’re tempted to ask what products he uses for his skin; it’s no wonder Isi Naturals snatched him up as an influencer for their brand. From the major female attention he gets, it’s clear that women are now drawn to men who care about their skin and pay attention to their grooming.

So guys, if you haven’t started paying attention to your skin or you were looking for a sign to say it’s okay, here you go! Male grooming is definitely in, and you have no excuse to turn up with chapped lips, dull-looking skin, messy beards and unkempt toe/fingernails.

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