The holiday season is upon us, and as usual, so many events have started to pop up. It’s time to destress and enjoy this time of the year. Ladies, I know you want to hit the clubs with your squad, attend all the trending parties, dance under the moonlight at the beach, turn up at concerts, house parties and dinner parties, and generally just have a good time. But we ladies have to be smart about our movements.

It’s no longer news that women’s safety is very paramount, especially in these times when even our security agencies cannot be relied on. In the words of Simi, “Woman don suffer, lowo everybody” So we have to look out for ourselves and protect ourselves against any form of danger. 

We women have been called out on social media lately for not having each other’s backs. But I want to believe that there are still girl squads out there who genuinely love, support, and protect each other. That’s why, when I saw these girl codes on Instagram, I knew I had to share them with this audience to ensure that all of our TM ladies are safe out there.

These are the six girl codes that you should hold onto when you go out with your girlfriends:

Code 1: You should arrive together and leave together. Don’t allow any of your girls to leave with some random dude, and don’t leave any girl at the party by herself.

Code 2: All of you can’t be drunk at the same time! At least one of you needs to be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Code 3: If one person has to go to the bathroom or outside, “You should all follow the person!!” It’s important to move as a Unit!

Code 4: You should not accept drinks from strangers under any circumstances. Except it’s the whole bottle and it’s opened in your presence.

Code 5: If any girl in your squad is too drunk to function, you all should leave the party EARLY!

Code 6: If a member of your squad goes missing, you give them a maximum of 15-30 min to show up, or call the police. Remember code 1, you don’t leave anyone behind!

A real friend looks out for her squad, so send this to all your girlfriends so you’re all aware of these girl codes before your next outing!

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