Mike Tetreault (aka “Tate”) had a vision for his future that he turned into reality. That vision was born out of facing a life of adversity and learning to be an overcomer. Growing up on the drug ridden streets of his hometown in Massachusetts, Tate had no opportunity for a better life. But he was persistent in everything life threw at him. When he was 19 years old, he beat a felony gun charge, and by the age of 22 he faced major neck surgery. As a result, college was out of the picture. As an overcomer, Tate doesn’t accept “No” or “It’s impossible.” Instead, he is a charismatic hustler who will always prove the doubters wrong.

Tate finds success when he can take his vision and turn it into reality. Having endured a life of both physical and mental pain, Tate refused to accept excuses. At 16, he suffered a traumatic injury when a workout machine fell on his head at Planet Fitness. He missed his whole sophomore year, and most of his junior year of high school as he healed from a severe concussion. Everyday tasks such as reading, writing, or sitting at a computer gave him nausea. So, when it came time for Tate to go to college, he knew it was not possible. Instead, he interned on FM radio. Despite his missed opportunity for a college education, Tate found doors opening for him in the music and entertainment industry. This led to opportunities for him as a tour manager for major industry superstars. Knowing the typical 9-5 lifestyle was not for him, he went searching for a living that offered enjoyment and unlimited potential. Tate was on his path to be an Artist Manager.

Mike Tetreault

As a lover of money, Tate runs multiple businesses from real estate to the entertainment industries. But his passion lies in being an Artist Manager, which he says is the most fun and rewarding. He’s worked tour management for the Legendary Nights Tour featuring industry giants including Future, Meek Mill, and Megan Thee Stallion, to name a few. He manages @test410, an imprint of rapper Future’s Freebandz entertainment company. As part of Tate’s services, he manages tours for Freebandz when the industry is not restricted by a ban on large gatherings. He’s eager to get his artists back on tour once it’s safe and the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. “Being around so many successful people ups your work ethic and drive ten fold,” Tate says.

Unfortunately, even when you follow your dreams, success doesn’t come easily. Tate had to sacrifice friends, family, and relationships. But it’s all been worth it. His vision for financial freedom involves having enough money to retire today with the peace of mind that he and his family are set up for life. He keeps his hand in real estate to make money without limitations. Yet, his love for being an Artist Manager surpasses everything. “For music management the money is important, yes, but it’s more valuable for me to network and build relationships that others couldn’t imagine. I get to experience things most people will never get to see in their lifetime.”

When you’re looking to live a life untethered, like Tate, his advice is simple: don’t quit. Persistence pays off as long as you have a strong mindset. Fear is only used against you to prevent you from fulfilling your destiny. Tate knows what it’s like to be scared of an uncertain future. Having beaten the odds, he now wants to take revenge on the destiny that tried to stop him. He learned to be strong from countless books, podcasts, and YouTube channels before he even started. Your most valuable tool will be networking. 10,000 people will tell you “No,” but the one person who says “Yes” is all you need to get moving.

What’s next for Tate? He has a big announcement that he is moving to Miami within the year to expand his brand to the sports industry. He plans to become a Sports Agent and add athlete services to his impressive skill set as an Artist Manager. You can follow Mike Tetreault on Instagram @theofficialtate.

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