This week on our Micro-Influencers spotlight section, we feature Victory Wilson. Victory is a woman of numerous talents, outside of being an influencer; she’s a multi-award winning TV/Radio Host, a Professional Voiceover Artist, an Event Compere, a Red Carpet Host, a Producer, and she recently added acting to the list. She’s a trained media personality with a first-class degree in psychology and currently a TV Presenter with Silverbird Television.

In this interview, Victory lets us in on her life as an Influencer and shares some trade secrets and advice for influencers who are just starting their journey.

Micro-Influencers Spotlight: Victory Wilson

Victory Wilson’s venture into the world of influencing was a bit unplanned. Unlike most who set out to be influencers, she just happened on it. When asked about how she became an influencer, she responded. “As a tv presenter, I get styled a lot and some clothing brands started reaching out to me to wear their clothes because they loved how clothes look on me. Then it moved to makeup products, educational institutions, restaurants and other businesses. After a while, they no longer just gifted me products but also offered to pay me to influence their products and services for them.

Influencers usually have a niche; Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Tech and Most accomplished influencers even advise that an influencer have a niche. But Victory is one of the exceptions. This made us curious to know why.

I’m about influencing everything lifestyle, education, fashion, beauty and anything that could better human living.

Working with brands from various industries would definitely involve a selection process of sorts because one’s reputation is on the line, and a wrong move could potentially ruin a lifetime of good work. As an influencer who works with brands in different industries, we asked Victory how she selects brands to work with.

As I said, I‘m majorly about influencing everything that could better human living. That’s the main value I look out for when I want to work with a brand as well as its genuineness because if one isn’t very careful, you could fall prey to the many fakes out there.” And on how she gets Influencer jobs, she answers. “Most brands I’ve worked with approached me while my management reached out to some.

Influencers like content creators are known to use a lot of apps for their work. However, they have a few which they use most often than others. We asked Victory to spill the tea on her 3 favourite apps for creating content.

“Capcut, Inshot, Canva, and of course my smile,” she adds.

Coming up with creative ideas to execute jobs is an important part of being an influencer. This is especially demanding when working with brands from different industries. So we wanted to know how Victory comes up with content ideas when she’s been given a brief for a job.

“Most times, the brands tell me exactly what they want and how they would like it delivered. I just work with what they request for, which is very important as an influencer.”

What makes Victory Wilson unique from other influencers? she smiled. “I am Victory Wilson! That’s what makes me unique.”

On collaborating with other influencers, she responds. “I haven’t done a lot of collaborations with other influencers, but I’ve worked alongside @theimabong, who is a Beauty and Lifestyle influencer.”

Micro-Influencers Spotlight: Victory Wilson

Loads of influencers have spoken up on social media about brands asking them to work for “Free or Exposure”. We wanted to know if Victory has had any experience with this issue. She takes a minute to respond and goes… “Hmmm, I haven’t been asked to work for free, but some brands appeal to me with very little cash offers and products. I usually tell them to keep the cash and deliver the products, especially when the brand is new and I see how genuine the client is; this only happens when the spirit leads! Lol! I don’t like to jump on every offer. I take my time to decide. Most times, if I love the product I use so much, I tag the brand on my posts without them requesting it. I don’t influence for free.”

Of all the brands she has worked with, Victory’s biggest client success story was working with Tastee Fried Chicken. The brief was to create awareness for a competition the brand was organizing and get people to participate. It was a collaborative effort, and it was a success because the client loved the result.

Victory Wilson’s favourite thing about being an influencer is that she can fantasize about being a multiple business owner. But most importantly, it’s the joy of helping someone’s business grow. She is yet to dislike anything about being an influencer. “I’m loving the ride for now,” she says.

There are some assumptions people tend to make about influencers. So we inquired to know if people had made any assumptions about her.

“They go like… Marketer!!! Marketer of life! It’s funny but the truth is influencers are marketers.”

As has already been established, Victory Wilson is a woman who wears many career hats. And we really wanted to know how she juggles them all and gives each one a 100%.

“The good thing is everything I do is intertwined. They work together, so it’s not so hard to juggle. I give my best and 100% to every single thing I do and because I love what I do, it doesn’t seem so difficult. I record most of my voiceovers at night in my home studio, except the client requests to be with me in the studio; then, I have to fix a date. Everything is basically about scheduling.”

Before we let her go, we asked her for advice for those who want to become influencers. “Find what you’re passionate about and promote it yourself. Brand yourself and brands would find you. Don’t sweat trying to be like someone else, be yourself! That’s all the uniqueness you need.”

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