Ijezie Chimmuanya, also known as Chimmiboy is a Style Influencer by passion and an electrical and computer engineer by profession. Inspired by colour, Chimmy is also a fashion designer building a fast-growing fashion brand. Let’s get to meet him and learn about his passion.

  1. How did you get into Style Influencing?

It started in 2018… I went with a friend to fashion week and I saw how flamboyant the guests looked. I equally got commended by people on my mix of colours. Someone told me that day to try fashion influencing, and that prompted my journey as a Style Influencer.

2. Why are you passionate about Fashion?

Erm, I think fashion is a feeling on its own, it’s a form of expression. Fashion is a culture. I’m passionate about fashion because it helps me connect with my inner self.

3. Is style influencing your main focus or do you work with brands that are outside the fashion industry?

I work with brands outside the fashion industry. For example, I’ve worked with Johnnie Walker Nigeria as well as Wilson Lemonade, and these are alcoholic and beverage brands.

4. How do you select brands you work with?

Whenever a brand sends me a proposal, I do my research to understand what the brand is about. This helps me decide if their culture and practice are in line with my personal beliefs. For example, I do not smoke, so I definitely cannot work with a cigar brand.

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5. What are your 3 favourite tools for creating Fashion/Style content?

I use the Lightroom app a lot, I like to play with its presets and tones. Canva is equally a great app for creating posters and banners. I also like the Inshot app, it’s very essential for videos.

6. Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

Denola Grey who is a fashion consultant among other things has influenced my growth. I’ve always been fascinated by his style and I’ve told him this before. Mia Atafo, the creative director of ATAFO; a fashion brand, has equally influenced my growth without knowing. Thanks to him, I understand that the quality of clothing a brand produces must never be compromised. In the foreign scene, Igee Okafor, founder of BOND OFFICIAL has influenced me a great deal, just by looking at his amazing style and his sartorial fashion.

7. What makes you unique from others in your industry?

I’d say it’s the way I play with colours. People have the notion that colours are for effeminate men. I play with colours in a masculine way that makes a regular guy want to wear the same. I believe this is my uniqueness

8. What keeps you going when things get tough in the business?

My zeal for fashion and the belief that we have to keep pushing regardless of difficult situations.

9. What would you do differently if you were starting in your industry now?

I’d try and connect more with people that could positively influence my growth.

10. What has been your biggest client success story? Why do you think it was a success?

It hasn’t surprisingly been as a style influencer but as a fashion designer. I think my biggest client story was having to make suits for a client and his groomsmen in the US. They paid handsomely, and even though I’ve done several such jobs after that, that first experience is still my biggest client success because it opened doors for me to connect with global clients.

11. What does a typical day in your week look like?

I go to the office (I work in a government parastatal). When I’m back home, I get on Pinterest and try to find styles and craft mood boards for photoshoots. After that, I respond to customer emails and styling inquiries. At other times, I’m out partying with friends or chilling at the beach.

12. What is the Best and Worst thing about being an influencer?

The best thing is the connections it secures for you, and the contacts and relationships you get to build with different people and brands. The worst thing is the unnecessary pressure from the public and your followers to do certain things other influencers are doing, which might not be in line with your niche or values.

13. Is what you’re doing now different from what you envisioned you’d be doing as a kid?

Yes. I never believed I’d be dressing or styling outfits. Sounds funny because I was the worst dresser growing up. Lol

14. Do you work with other influencers?

Occasionally I do. We get to create content together.

15. Do you have a full-time job or a business outside of influencing?

I have a full-time job and a business outside influencing. I work as a computer engineer at a government parastatal, and I’m equally a fashion designer; I run a fashion brand called “Chimmyandco”.

16. What does anyone starting as a Style Influencer need to know?

You have to pick your genre and understand your fashion. You shouldn’t do something because others are doing and it is working for them. Find your niche.

17. What would you say is the #1 key to success in your business?

Discipline. By this, I mean you must be able to set a series of steps and guidelines and follow them to the letter. Whether it’s styling a client or creating content. Also as a style influencer, you must be unique and be yourself,

18. Tell us something we don’t know about what it’s like to be an influencer?

Sometimes it’s stressful. Very very stressful

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