This week on our Micro-Influencers spotlight section, we feature a jack of all trades and master of all, Tega Salubi. Tega is a model, actor, youTuber, influencer and content creator in general. He is also a graduate of Covenant University with a BSc in Estate Management.

In this interview, Tega gives us the inside scoop into his journey to becoming an influencer and the lessons and tips he’s learned so far. He also shares some trade secrets and advice for those who are on their way to becoming influencers.

Tega Salubi’s work as a model for several brands in the fashion industry brought a lot of attention to his social media platforms. People started to ask him fashion-related questions and seek advice in the field. He had started to influence people’s fashion choices.

Tega has a great sense of fashion, which shows in his outfits, so it’s no surprise that he’s keen on fashion. We wanted to know what drives his passion for fashion.

“I am passionate about fashion because it’s a universal language as well as a form of expression. Fashion expresses different personalities or moods.”

As a Youtuber, Tega’s vlogs show his lifestyle; day-to-day activities, outings, location reviews, content creation process etc. His subscribers get to see a more intimate side of him and they love it. They reach out and ask about certain products he uses or certain locations he visits in the vlogs. This made him into a lifestyle influencer.

Choosing brands to work with is a big part of being an influencer, and it is important to have a set of principles and standards for selection to preserve one’s reputation. As an influencer who has worked with several brands, we asked Tega how he selects brands to work with.

“I only work with brands that I’m sure of the authenticity of their product. This is very important to me because I believe as an influencer, people look up to you and are moved to do things/use products because you’ve given the assurance that they are good. If they end up spending their hard-earned money to get these products or services and they aren’t as great as you claim they are, they end up losing trust. This is the last thing any influencer needs as it affects their brand.”

Although Tega has carved a niche as a fashion and lifestyle influencer, he remains open to working with brands outside of his niche. Tega has worked with quite a number of brands, some of which include; Johnnie Walker, Munch It, Garm Island, Henri Uduku etc. Of all the brand partnerships he’s had, we wanted to know which he considers the most successful; in terms of the brand getting more sales and engagement. He answers, “I will say my most successful partnership would have to be that of Garm Island. Garm Island is an online retail platform which I was able to create awareness for that led to a huge increase in followership as well as sales.”

When creating content for your audience, you can decide to keep it chill and not do the most, but when creating content for a brand, you have to get really creative to capture the audience and spark their curiosity. We asked Tega how he generates content ideas when working for a brand.

“First of all, I make sure I have a proper understanding of what the brand wants and hopes to achieve with me on board. Next, I carry out research on the brand and the product/ service I am promoting. Once this is done, I have enough information needed to create; so I sit and brainstorm on how to make this information attractive and persuasive to my audience.”

Tega’s 3 favourite apps for content creation are; InShot, Premier Pro, and Lightroom. To ensure his contents are on-trend, Tega keeps tabs of what’s trending and incorporates it into his content.

As a Gen Z influencer, we wanted to know if Tega’s parents are supportive of his career choices. He answered, “My parents have been very supportive of my passion from the get-go, even until now. Although they were very particular about getting an education first, which I’m very grateful for, as it has helped shape me to be better at my craft.”

Tega admits that it isn’t quite as easy as it seems to break into the world of influencing, but once you do, it’s totally worth it. However, it’s not always going to be raining influencing gigs, so it is advisable to have a regular source of income.

Tega’s advice for anyone starting as a fashion influencer is, “Be fashionable, keep up with fashion trends, take nice pictures and learn a little about editing.” He also shares some advice for young creatives and influencers like himself, “Things may be hard, but keep pushing and be consistent. Trust me, consistency goes a very long way. With this, you’re able to build an audience and support systems, and brands will start noticing you.”

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