This week on our Micro-Influencers spotlight section, we feature a gen-z brand influencer, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creator, Winifred Charles. Winifred Charles is 22 years old, and she’s currently a student studying Microbiology. 

In this interview, Winifred speaks about her journey into brand influencing and shares tips and advice for aspiring content creators and influencers.

Winifred has always loved fashion, lifestyle, and content creators; that she follows on Instagram, Pinterest, etc. She always wanted to do the same thing they were doing. One day during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, she said to herself, “I can do this”. So Winifred converted her Instagram page to a fashion/lifestyle and content creation page. And now she’s doing the same thing her favourite content creators do. 

It’s no surprise that Winifred is a beauty content creator. “I remember when I used to rub my mom’s lipstick and wear her high heels whenever she was dressing up. I would hide at the back of the chair and rub poster colour on my nails, and the first thing I asked my senior to get me when I was six was a makeup kit,” she says. Winifred decided to learn makeup professionally in 2016, and it set the foundation for her work as a beauty content creator. 

How does a content creator become an influencer? Winifred her experience, “At first I was posting beauty content for the love of it. One day, I found out I could make money from it. Then brands started reaching out to me, and that’s how I began my influencing journey.”

When it comes to brand selection, Winifred Charles has a team that deliberates with her to decide which brands she should work with. However, she doesn’t work with brands outside of her niche. Winifred has worked with brands such as; NaijaBeauty Hair, Body Secrets,  Zaron cosmetics, FlawlessFacebyIvy Cosmetics, Hollywood Lashes, Be.euphoria Beauty, Adornwoman Cosmetics, and Confetti Beauty, and she says all the partnerships have been successful. When tasked to create content for brands, Winifred does a lot of research to help her generate ideas.

When asked about her 3 favourite apps for content creation, she answered, “Inshot, Facetune 1 and VSCO”.

This beauty creative says her go-to makeup is a natural look, and she details the steps to achieve it. 

“I apply my moisturizer, face primer, foundation, a lighter shade of concealer under my eyes and a concealer three shades darker than my skin tone for contouring my cheekbones. Then I apply my liquid blush, I set my face with setting powder, do my eyebrows, and draw my wing liner, put on my false lashes, lipstick/lipgloss and highlighter for some glow on my cheekbones and nose.”

Winifred shared some tips for beginner content creators. “As a content creator, know your worth and charge based on it. Also, don’t do free jobs for exposure or products. Always charge for your jobs.” She also had some advice for potential influencers going into her niche. “Be consistent. You have to be consistent if you want to see results and create bomb-ass content. Be unique.” 

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