Mahounou Victoire, a hair, skincare and makeup content creator/influencer, is featured this week in our Micro-Influencers spotlight section. Mahounou Victoire is a 25-year-old from the Bénin Republic. She’s a graduate of Université D‘abomey Calavi, where she studied English, and she also has a Diploma in mass communication. Outside of being a content creator and an influencer, Victoire has a full-time job as administrative personnel in a private organization.

In this interview, Mahounou Victoire speaks about her journey into becoming an influencer and shares tips and advice for aspiring content creators and influencers.

In 2015, Victoire decided to cut her relaxed hair and grow out her natural hair. She admits she didn’t know what she was doing in the beginning and it was hard to care for her natural hair. But Victoire was determined to figure it out. She did lots of research on hair porosity, and it became clear what she needed to do. Her hair started thriving, and she was also able to help her friends with their hair. Later in 2019, someone gave her a nudge to share her knowledge on social media, and that’s how she got started creating content.

Victoire is also a makeup content creator. She, however, never learnt to do makeup professionally. She’s a self-taught makeup content creator just like many others. Thanks to YouTube and social media, one can learn lots of skills without having to attend classes or pay for them.

To transition from just a content creator into an influencer, Victoire levelled up her content and started reaching out to brands. This was after she had created a ton of content and was confident enough that her work was good enough to impress these brands. She says, “Put yourself out there because if you don’t they won’t notice you.”

Victoire has worked with major brands, especially hair care brands such as ORS olive oil, Blvckhair and international brands such as Hergiven Hair, and so much more. In terms of her most successful brand partnership, she says, “Every partnership I have had has been successful, to be honest. I enjoyed every bit because I take my time to strategize and create my content.”

Victoire has gone from reaching out to brands to having these brands now reach out to her because of her engaging content and the way she’s able to infuse fun video transitions while still educating her audience on the brands’ products and uses. However, she has her terms for working with any hair, makeup, or skincare brand. “These brands have to have at least some values. Their products need to be very safe because I wouldn’t lie to my audience to please a brand.”

When tasked to create content for brands, Victoire gets inspiration from fellow creatives. She also gets inspired by the brand she’s creating for. She says inspiration could come from “maybe the brand colour, their logo, or even the owner of the brand”. Most of her ideas, however, come from conversations with people. “We can just be talking about some random stuff and you just give me content even without knowing.”

When asked about her three favourite apps for content creation, she answered, “InShot, TikTok, and Lightroom”.

Creative block is one of the downsides of being a content creator and an influencer. Before this interview, Victoire had mentioned on her Instagram stories that she was experiencing it and we wanted to know how she was handling it.

“I’m currently going through one right now and it’s okay not to be okay… My followers are like a part of me; I carry them along… They share their experiences with me and when I read through them, I just tell myself that I’ll be okay. If this person can do this and get past their issue, then you can too. Then I move on. I also cry as much as I want to, but as soon as I get better, my ideas are back.”

The hardest part about being a content creator and influencer for Victoire is “Having people think you’re better than them or superior and the Instagram algorithm (because numbers matter a lot)”.

Victoire’s current hair care tips are: wash, moisturize, and style bi-weekly. Most importantly, she says to leave your hair alone; it will grow. 

Victoire graciously shared 3 tips and tricks he’s learnt so far in terms of content creation and influencing. “Oh, Nigerian brands will underprice you, that’s for sure. The number one tip: levelling up is very important… It’s good to start with what you have, but you see, no brand wants to be associated with a creative that has blurry images or bad video quality. Do that and your content will speak for itself.”

Finally, Victoire shared some advice for beginner creatives and influencers. “For a newbie, I’d say choose one field, I mean find your niche and be good at it. Not just good, be the best. And most importantly communicate with your audience talk to them. They want to trust you, that’s the most important thing. Please be yourself, people will love you for you.”

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