This week on our Micro-Influencers spotlight section, we feature Gift Chisom Chinakwe. Gift Chinakwe is a gifted young, woman as her name implies. Outside of being an influencer, she’s a 3D character animator currently working at Anthill Studio and is a car dealer. Gift studied Computer Science at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture in Abia state, Nigeria.

In this interview, Gift lets us in on her life as an Influencer and shares some trade secrets and advice for influencers who are just starting their journey.

Gift Chinakwe has always had a passion for supporting talents, which led her to create a talent support page on Instagram. Because of her knack for this, her friends inferred that she would be a good influencer, and after some nudges from them, she decided to give it a try, which was how she got into influencing. However, she continues to support other talents because she has a passion for doing that.

Gift’s chosen niche of influence is Brand Influencing. According to her, a Brand influencer is “a person who acts as a mediator for brands by connecting and engaging the brand’s audience to enhance publicity, trust and integrity“. When it comes to selecting brands to work with, Gift chooses brands that need publicity and brands that have publicity; because it will attract more brands. She also bases her selection on the integrity of a brand “My key goal is to work with brands that I can vouch for their services. I don’t think I can influence for what I don’t understand… Lol“.

As a brand influencer, Gift has worked with brands such as Jorganic4 (skincare), Razorsharpng (fashion brand), (hotel), EverythingTacha Logistics (delivery service). Her preferred method of creating content for the brands she works with is to create video content. She says, “I like creating content in video form because to me it’s an attention grabber when scrolling through your feed and you hear a sound, there is a 50% chance that you’ll pause to see what it’s all about.”

For creating content, Gift relies on apps such as Inshot, Snapseed, and Airbrush. Influencers who are just starting may not have all the tools required for the job Eg- a tripod stand which is essential for taking pictures and recording videos. A tip that Gift found useful is to find a friend who can serve as a human tripod, to help out; whenever the need arises to create content, especially outdoors.

Having a full-time job has not interfered with Gift’s job as an influence. She has been able to mage her time so that none of the jobs suffers. She creates content on the weekends and sometimes on days when she works from home. All thanks to the new work options available in this century!

When asked if Influencers are supportive of each other, she replies. “With The palms influencers hangout I attended a month ago, I think I will generalize the answer with YES.”

Every influencer has their view on what the best and worst thing about being an influencer is. We were interested in knowing what Gift considers the best and worst thing about being an Influencer.

Having to get free things and getting amazing reviews of the content you created is fulfilling. The worst thing is that it’s pocket draining! But I guess it is one of those things you experience, especially at this intermediate level.

What makes Gift Chinakwe unique from other influencers? “I use modelling, dance, and even my smile is unique. Others might have the same features, but we are all born with different traits; it can never be the same.

Before we let her go, we asked her for advice for those who want to become influencers. “Consistency plus the spirit of I CAN DO IT. These are my mind motivations because I’m still growing as well. At times it feels like it’s not going to work, but keep doing what you are doing.

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