This week on our Micro-Influencers spotlight section, we feature another gen-z social media influencer. Eronini Osinachim Chukwuemeka is a social media brand influencer and a commercial model. He is also a student at the University of Lagos. Eronini is big on music and anything that’ll make him laugh (aren’t we all?).

Eronini has one hundred thousand followers, and in this interview, he shares with us his journey to becoming an influencer and some tips and tricks of the trade. 

Eronini became an influencer as a result of his closest friend’s insightful idea. The friend in question saw that their Instagram page was growing and suggested that they do some research and implement whatever tactics or ideas they discovered to better position themselves to attract the attention of brands. I believe we could all use a best friend like Eronini’s.

When it comes to dealing with brands, Eronini only works with those who have a great image on social media and in real life. “I don’t think there’s any brand I can’t deal with,” he says, “unless the work I’m asked to do is above me or not my speciality, in which case I’d rather not dabble in it at all.” Eronini does not yet have a management team. All of the brands he has worked for discovered him on their own, and he also plays a role in delivering outstanding work, which attracts new brands.

Eronini has collaborated with businesses such as Cando, FilmOne, Rooomxix, Bolt, Star Radler and many more. His most successful partnership is with Rooomxix, an urban streetwear retail brand. Eronini’s speciality is fashion, so it’s no surprise that his most successful collaboration is with a fashion brand.

When tasked with creating content for brands, Eronini says, “This is the part where I let my Pisces powers run free lol. I’m sort of a daydreamer, so my thoughts tend to wander off. When it’s time to create for a brand, I just try to think of the best way I can introduce the brand to my followers and keep their attention and engagement on the brand while keeping it entertaining as well.”

When asked if his job as a commercial model has aided him as an influencer, Eronini says that it has had no effect on attracting brands to work with him. However, it is the quality of his content that has piqued the interest of major brands.

If we were to vote for the best looking Instagram pages, Eronini’s would be on that list! So we just had to find out what app he uses to edit his pictures and videos.

“I thought magicians weren’t supposed to share their secrets? Lmao, I’m kidding. For pictures, I use Lightroom, Pics Art, and Facetune (sometimes), while for videos I use InShot.” We also wanted to know if he shoots his videos and photographs himself or if he hires someone to do so. “Aside from taking my photographs, I do everything myself, and I haven’t taken any classes. Youtube is my sensei (teacher).”

We asked Eronini for advice on how brands can get the most out of their influencers. His comment was, “Due to a shortage of time for their marketing, some brands are impatient. It takes the fun out of content creation and turns it into schoolwork. Brands who plan ahead of time and are patient will get the most out of their influencers.”

Eronini graciously shared 3 tips and tricks he’s learnt so far in terms of content creation and influencing. “Find your niche and stick to it. Be consistent with your content and try to keep it simple.”

A life-long dream of his would be to design his own set of shoes with Nike, and also do a collaboration with Dior. Eronini sure dreams big and we admire that.

What makes Eronini different from other brand influencers? He answers in his usual humorous style, “My selling point as an influencer is my unique sense of style. My followers know I’m genuine and I keep it real. Plus I’m drop-dead gorgeous, lol.”

Finally, Eronini shared some tips for young creatives and influencers. “You need to study the most important product, and that’s yourself. And remember, your only competition is the person you see in the mirror… beat that sucker.”

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