The most dreaded period in the career of artistes s the period of little change, when effort is intense but result is flat. It is the period when artistes reach the plateau, after a period of progress, such that the successes of the past cannot be improved upon or even maintained. This period is a period of torture for both the artiste and the fans, because in this period, the nostalgia of the glory days becomes increasingly haunting with every failed attempt to recreate the wave of success.

From experience,most successful artistes drop to this low period at some point, usually the only difference is in how long they stay at their peak, away from the low ebb, before the eventuality of it. Top artistes like Lil Wayne, T-Pain have been there and are making effort to stage a major comeback. Nigerian rapper, MI is in the dreaded corner at the moment and he has been struggling to make the headlines for the right reasons – like it was in the days when he dropped ground breaking projects.

For the rapper, 2017 has been stamped with controversies and the many times that he was the trending subject, it was either for reneging on a promise made to an upcoming artiste or for sparking the anger of moral upholders for taking a stance against the anti-gay law. To think that the best of MI – the Safes, Nobodys, African Rapper Number Ones and the likes would only exist in hindsight, is out of sorts. Having to face the possibility that the Short Black Boy might have exhausted his reservoir of quality musical offerings, is equally unnerving. I mean this is an artiste that was to the Nigerian music industry, what Kanye West was to the music community in US.

However, the good breakfast of hope lies in the fact it is not uncommon for great acts to make a strong climb after a flat fall. Soccer player, Wayne Rooney is on the path to reawakening his career and playing top level soccer again, with his back-to-back goals for his new club, after enduring a drab career period. In a similar way, the recent announcement of the completion of his album and the bold tweet invitations to South African rapper Casper Nyovest and Maybach Music Group (MMG) patron, Rick Ross, might be the springboard needed to shoot ‘Mr Incredible’ back to the prime of the music industry.

The central question is – ‘how does MI plan to give a lift to his career?’ If the records are allowed to speak for themselves, then his resurgence is imminent, when his unreleased projects start to hit the market. MI has proven that he cannot get it wrong when it comes to album compilation. He holds an impeccable reputation of putting out series of market-friendly Hip-hop projects and so, putting out a number of singles and then a follow-up album, could be an effective rebirth strategy for him.

Apparently, the problem has never been that his album suffered a low-market score but it has been his ‘promise and fail’ habit about dropping projects. His followers should have lost count of his promised but yet unreleased projects, by now. At different times, the news of the Love EP, Yung Denzel projects have found their way to public hearing but the high hand of the Chocolate City management seems to have held back the release of the projects. But that option seems far from them now, with MI’s delicate career depending so much on how soon and how well his musical offerings drops. Clearly, he needs to put out a body of work and already he seems to have the material with the viral effect. For his forthcoming album; the Casper Nyovest’s collaboration is done and done, Rick Ross’ might come through soon and then the public can start to make preparations for the superstar rap’s return to his peak.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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